• Rogers launches the BlackBerry 8900 Javelin

    After some many months in the works, the BlackBerry 8900 (otherwise known as “Javelin”) has finally made its way out of the labs and onto a shelf near you. Well, by “a shelf near you” we mean “on a shelf at Rogers locations in Canada”. Not, say, the shelf in your bathroom. Essentially a BlackBerry Bold Lite, the Javelin’s missing 3G, and has a… Read More

  • Nokia E71 available on Rogers for $49 with 3-yr contract

    I have to say, as interesting a phone as the E71 is, I’m not sure a three year contract is something I’d be willing to agree to. I mean, who does anything for three years? Well, laying out only $50 for all the capabilities of the E71 — full HTML browsing, GPS, tons of stuff available for the S60 OS — is a pretty good deal if you’re already into that Symbian thing. Read More

  • Rogers sells 255,000 iPhones in the land of poutine

    This morning, Canadian carrier giant Rogers announced that they’d managed to sell roughly 255,000 iPhones between its launch in July and the end of September. While 255,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to the 6.9 iPhones pushed worldwide in the same window, it’s pretty significant in the battle for carrier supreme going on north of the border. With the two other big players… Read More

  • Video: CrackBerry unboxes the BlackBerry Bold

    I’m starting to get a tad excited over this device again. RIM, please bring this down south soon! Read More

  • BlackBerry Bold headin' to Canada later this week

    Jeez – after hearing about the Bold for over 3 months, it’s hard to believe this thing still hasn’t touched down in North America. Fortunately, that won’t hold true much longer. Read the rest at MobileCrunch >> Read More

  • Rogers whipped into submission

    Rogers has conceded that its pricing is a bit outlandish and is now offering a $30/6GB monthly plan for those who intent to download “105 hours of YouTube” or maybe 10 emails a day. No word on Visual Voicemail or whether Apple stores will carry the phones. Read More

  • In response to egregious Rogers pricing, Apple won't sell iPhone 3G in its Canadian retail stores

    This “Apple hates Rogers” story is hotting up! Now it looks like Apple won’t sell the iPhone 3G at its Canadian retail stores, leaving Rogers (and Fido, its partner is crime) flapping in the wind. You can feel the annoyance in Apple’s voice in this quote: We have nothing to do with the service plans. Those are Rogers’ plans Hell hath no fury! Keep bitching… Read More

  • Rogers gets Apple slapdown

    Rogers, the Canadian carrier that pissed off an entire kind, gentle, and non-warlike nation, is now getting some nasty treatment from Apple after creating a pricing plan that was so sufficiently onerous that even the calm Canadians created a sternly-worded a petition against it. The Rogers deal was supposed to bring great rejoicing to the frozen North. Rogers would screw its customers and… Read More

  • Rogers launching BlackBerry Bold on July 25

    Attention Canada- By now you’ve read that Rogers will be bending you over on data plans if the iPhone 3G is something you’re lusting after and you’re none to happy about it, so I suggest you look down a different path. Why not stick to a homegrown company like RIM and wait a couple weeks for the Bold? Read More

  • Compared to AT&T iPhone 3G data plans, Canadians get screwed by Rogers

    We’re still sifting through AT&T’s iPhone 3G presser, but one thing is clear: Canadian users are getting screwed by Rogers compared to AT&T’s prices. (American users get screwed, too, but that’s for another post.) For starters, the number of minutes Canadians get is so low, I wonder why you’d even bother. The most expensive Rogers plan gives less… Read More

  • Would-be Canadian iPhone buyers ticked off, start petition over data prices

    The just-announced iPhone 3G pricing plan for Rogers in Canada isn’t going down too well. One intrepid Canadian started a Web site,, that has a petition targeting the rather unfair prices. So far, more than 17,000 people have signed the petition, which is intended to make Rogers drop the price of the iPhone data plan. The site’s creator has even written an open… Read More