You Can Now Reserve A BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Through Rogers: It’s Like A Mystery Grab Bag

This morning saw a flurry of RIM news, including the debut of a beta program among enterprise and government clients, and a firm location for the January 30 launch event in NYC. In another curious development, major Canadian mobile network operator Rogers has opened reservations for BlackBerry 10 devices, according to BGR, letting customers reserve their spots in line for a device about which we know next to nothing.

Maybe “next to nothing” is a bit of an exaggeration. After all, we’ve had plenty of looks at and access to BB10 pre-release software running on Dev Alpha hardware, and lately there has been a sharp uptick in the amount of production shipping hardware leaks, some of which appear notably staged. But effectively launching pre-orders for a device — the confirmed details of which amount to “it will have a touchscreen and use LTE” — is still a move that seems a little unusual.

Rogers promises to ship the new BlackBerry 10 device to a store of your choosing as soon as the device becomes available, the exact date of which is yet another unknown. But if you’re the type who likes to be surprised, by all means reserve this mystery box. At the very least, you’ll be helping Rogers get a better idea of how much of an early commitment it should make to RIM’s big hardware and software overhaul.