Canadians rejoice: the Nexus S is coming in March

According to Moblicity CEO, Dave Dobbin, everyone’s favourite Gingerbread totin’ handset — The Samsung Nexus S — will be released through the company’s AWS brand come March. If you care not for AWS, then you’ll be happy to hear that Doctor Dobbs also said that Bell, Telus, and Rogers will also carry the hot new handset.

This means that there is a WCDMA 850/1900 variant in the works. The astute in the audience will recognise that such a variant should also work with AT&T in the US — a boon for any AT&T devout out there that have been lusting after the device these last few months.

The news dropped at a Howard Forums meet-up held this week. If you want to catch it all for yourself, I’ve embedded the video, below. It’s over an hour in length, though, so you may want to use the handy table of contents here, to help navigate the behemoth.

[via Engadget]