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  • (Fly or Die) Dejamor

    Fly Or Die: Dejamor

    Subscription services are blowing up. You can have your razors, socks, or really anything delivered to your doorstep. But what about love (and not on a creepy way)? Dejamor — a new subscription service that essentially delivers his and hers boxes of romance once a month — is disrupting the dating space in a relatively original way. Read More

  • Dejamor Keeps Your Sex Life Sexy Every Month

    Dejamor Keeps Your Sex Life Sexy Every Month

    Keeping things spicy in the bedroom can be tricky. Maybe you exhausted all your tricks early on in the game, or perhaps the sheer exhaustion that comes with balancing kids, a home and your work has taken its toll. But fear not, lovers of the world, for a new startup has entered the scene that may be the answer to your sexy prayers. It’s called Dejamor (backed by DreamIt Ventures), and… Read More