Fly Or Die: Dejamor

Subscription services are blowing up. You can have your razors, socks, or really anything delivered to your doorstep. But what about love (and not on a creepy way)?

Dejamor — a new subscription service that essentially delivers his and hers boxes of romance once a month — is disrupting the dating space in a relatively original way.

Instead of picking up a Cosmo or doing Internet research on romance, Dejamor delivers special moments for you and your partner with little to no work (or imagination) on your part.

Both John and I agree that the idea is creative and sound, but the content of the boxes failed to impress John, who was hoping for something a bit more spicy.

But I spoke with founder Rodrigo Fuentes, who said that the boxes will get better and better as the company learns more about who you are and what you want as a couple.

Even so, John didn’t see much flight in Dejamor’s future. Take a look and decide for yourself.