Richard Socher looks to innovation to chip away at Google’s search dominance is a small startup trying to take on search giant Google with AI, innovation and a focus on privacy. takes aim at Google and Microsoft with multimodal chat search founder Richard Socher knows that his company has always been a David going after the Goliath in search, Google, and to a lesser extent Microsoft. He likes to point out that his company built lands $20M Seed to reimagine the search engine

Richard Socher, former chief scientist at Salesforce, and his co-founders at have been on a mission over the last year to build a different type of search engine, and today the company is rele, a precision upskilling platform, taps $16M to close enterprise skills gap

Finding the right learning platform can be difficult, especially as companies look to upskill and reskill their talent to meet demand.

Former Salesforce chief scientist announces new search engine to take on Google

Richard Socher, former chief scientist at Salesforce, who helped build the Einstein artificial intelligence platform, is taking on a new challenge — and it’s a doozy. Socher wants to fix c

Salesforce researchers are working on an AI economist for more equitable tax policy

Tax policy is surely a complex beast, and depending on your political leanings, you probably have some strong feelings about how it should be implemented. Salesforce AI researchers are trying to build