Instagram now allows anyone to download public Reels

Instagram head Adam Mosseri said Wednesday that the app now allows all users across the world to download public Reels to their devices. Prior to this rollout, you could only save Reels to the Instagr

Instagram’s ‘Sharing to Reels’ feature opens up to all app developers

Days after TikTok announced a new developer-facing feature, Direct Post, that makes it easier for third-party apps to publish videos to its platform, Meta has announced that its own Sharing to Reels w

Instagram’s latest test lets creators highlight comments in their stories

Instagram is experimenting with a new feature to let creators share notable fan comments to their Stories, such as comments on their posts or Reels. In a post on the “IG updates” channel,

Instagram will now let you add music to photo carousels

Does a photo still remain a photo when you add a music track to it? Hard to tell. Instagram said today that it will allow users to add music to their photo carousels in order to let them show off thei

Instagram now finally allows users to download public Reels

Instagram is finally letting users download Reels posted by others so they can share them outside the app. Rival short video app TikTok has had this feature for years and gained popularity by people w

Meta reworks its Ads on Reels monetization program with a new performance-based payout model

Meta is testing a new payout model for its Ads on Reels monetization program that pays creators based on the performance of their public Reels, not the earnings of ads on their Reels, the company anno

Meta pitches augmented reality to advertisers with new AR Reels Ads and Facebook Stories

Augmented reality is coming to Reels Ads and Facebook Stories, Meta announced this afternoon at the IAB’s NewFronts as part of its pitch to advertisers. The update allows brands like Sephora, Ti

Meta rolls out new discovery and personalization controls for Facebook Reels

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today that the company is introducing new features that make it easier for users to discover and personalize Facebook Reels recommendations. The company is launching

Instagram is making it more accesible to reshare Reels you already sent to friends

Instagram is testing a new feature that will quickly let you access your recently shared Reels. This makes it easier for users to reshare a Reel they liked to another friend at a later time. A Turkey-

Meta will stop offering Reels bonuses to creators on Facebook and Instagram

Meta is pausing its program to pay bonuses to creators for making Reels and hitting specific benchmarks. The program, originally introduced in 2021, incentivized content makers to generate more short

Instagram expands access to Reels-focused tipping feature, Gifts

Instagram announced today it’s expanding access to a new monetization feature called Gifts to more creators across the U.S. The feature, which first began testing last year, allows fans to provi

Instagram is removing the Shop tab, moving Reels from the center spot in design overhaul next month

Instagram announced today it will simplify its in-app navigation after years of confusing changes designed to push various products like Instagram Shop and Reels. The company says, starting in Februar

Instagram’s new Reels template lets you create your own 2022 recap

Instagram is once again offering an in-app method for users to create shareable end-of-year content. The social network announced today that it’s rolling out a new Reels template that allows use

Instagram to increase ad load as Meta fights revenue decline

Following another quarter that saw marketers pull back on their ad spending, Meta today announced it’s increasing its ad load on Instagram with the launch of two new ad slots. Amid a slew of pro

YouTube Shorts will start adding watermarks to discourage cross-platform sharing

YouTube Shorts, the platform’s TikTok competitor, is rolling out a watermarking feature. That means that when creators make a short on YouTube, they won’t be able to download their video a

Meta rolls out new Reels features on Instagram and Facebook, including an ‘Add Yours’ sticker

Meta announced today that it’s launching new Reels features for Instagram and Facebook. Most notably, the company is rolling out an “Add Yours” sticker for Reels on both social netwo

If you think Instagram is bad now, you won’t like Zuckerberg’s plans

From meme creators to the Kardashians, Instagram users have been vocal this week that their feeds are too saturated with irrelevant content. As Instagram’s parent company Meta chases TikTok&#821

Instagram video posts shorter than 15 minutes will now be shared as Reels

Instagram announced today that new video posts that are shorter than 15 minutes will now be shared as Reels. Videos posted prior to this change will remain as videos and won’t become Reels. The

Facebook’s new ‘Feeds’ tab chronologically displays posts from your friends and groups

Facebook is revamping its main news feed and launching a new “Feeds” tab where users can see posts from their friends, groups, pages and more in chronological order, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerbe

Instagram’s new ‘Boost’ feature lets businesses turn Reels into ads

Instagram has announced a new feature that allows businesses to boost their Reels to turn them into ads in order to reach new audiences. Boosted Reels will appear in feed, Stories, the Reels tab and t
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