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Scribe raises $25M Series B to automate internal knowledge capture

Back in the 90s, the notion of knowledge management was born, the idea that there is corporate memory locked inside employees, who know the ins and outs of various systems. The problem was recording a grabs $33M Series B to improve online guest experiences for mom-and-pop restaurants

Owner recently tapped into AI technology for its new email marketer feature that produces an email in the restaurant owner's style and tone.

Modal Labs lands $16M to abstract away big data workload infrastructure

Modal Labs, a platform that provides cloud-based infrastructure to data teams and app developers, particularly those creating generative AI applications, has raised $16 million in a Series A funding r

Have startup valuations fallen enough to feel sane again?

Let's find out the current premium venture investors are paying for startup shares, and see if we can find anything new compared to 2022 data.

As YC launches new batch, here’s how the early-stage venture market is faring today

Let’s talk median fundraising round sizes and deal values for seed through Series C in the first quarter of 2023.

What’s a fair price premium for startup shares?

What is a fair price premium for a startup? Per recent history, it's probably not more than 200% over public-market comps. It may even be closer to 100%.

Zed raises $10M for a code editor built for collaboration

Code editors are complex and demanding pieces of software, but from a business standpoint, they’re notoriously difficult to monetize. At the same time, they haven’t kept pace with recent t

Attio raises $23.5M to build a next-gen CRM platform

While an associate at a VC firm, Nicolas Sharp took on the project of finding customer relationship management (CRM) software for the firm. The process, he says, was “a nightmare,” leading

Series A rounds are looking a little crunchy in the United States

For seed-stage founders, the steep fundraising road now has two guard towers placed at the A and C stages.

Tech’s riskiest founders are getting a $650 million bet from Redpoint Ventures

For venture investors, noise is ironically important. Wading through constant streams of capital-seeking founders and startup pitches may be the hardest part of the job, but it’s also imperative to

VCs flock to TikTok to reach the next generation of founders and investors

The next generation of investors, entrepreneurs and leaders are all in one place right now: TikTok.

Proper raises $4.3M seed round to help other fintechs wrangle data

What’s one of the hottest areas within fintech today? Funnily enough, it’s fintech for fintechs (say that a few times fast). Fintech startups have absolutely proliferated in the past few y

Railway snags $20M to streamline the process of deploying apps and services

Railway, a startup building a software deployment platform tailored for engineers, today announced that it raised $20 million in a Series A round led by Redpoint Ventures and angel investors including

Primitives wants to turn your crypto wallet into a social network

Only a handful of “whales,” or big spenders, still own the majority of NFTs. While the digital assets have piqued widespread consumer interest, the user experience associated with actually

Heartex raises $25M for its AI-focused, open source data labeling platform

Heartex, a startup that bills itself as an “open source” platform for data labeling, today announced that it landed $25 million in a Series A funding round led by Redpoint Ventures. Unusua

An early TikTok exec just launched a dating app, Spark

A former president at (now known as TikTok), Alex Hofmann has already done something that seems impossible: He helped build an app that could compete with social giants like Meta, YouTube o

Qualified raises $95M to help Salesforce users with sales pipeline generation

Lead generation is a critical cornerstone in the world of sales — in a seemingly infinite sea of potential customers, you need to know who wants to buy, or who might buy, what you are selling so

Lilt raises $55M to bolster its business-focused AI translation platform

Lilt, a provider of AI-powered business translation software, today announced that it raised $55 million in a Series C round led by Four Rivers, joined by new investors Sorenson Capital, CLEAR Venture

Docker founder launches Dagger, a new DevOps platform

It’s been almost exactly four years since Docker founder Solomon Hykes left the company that kickstarted the container revolution. Docker has gone through its share of ups and downs since then, whips up new tools for independent restaurants following funding

The company has relaunched itself to offer new tools for its users to do everything from websites, email marketing, recruiting and reputation management.
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