Lakera launches to protect large language models from malicious prompts

Large language models (LLMs) are the driving force behind the burgeoning generative AI movement, capable of interpreting and creating human-language texts from simple prompts — this could be any

This startup hopes to get us to net zero via its platform to construct wooden buildings

One of the stunning facts that’s emerged over the last few years — especially as VCs and startups have turned their attention toward the climate crisis — is that our cities produce an en

Better Dairy slices into new funding for animal-free cheeses

Better Dairy is using precision fermentation to produce cheeses that are molecularly identical to traditional dairy.

Berlin’s Home pulls in €11M Series A for its landlord and tenant solution

Home, the Berlin-based startup that set out offering an app to help landlords manage rentals but has since pivoted to solve the landlord-tenant problem more directly, has raised €11 million in Serie