• Crunch Report | Apple Might Be Getting Rid of the Home Button

    Apple might be getting rid of the home button, Uber confirms that Dara Khosrowshahi is the new CEO, an Uber investor forgets he isn’t a Roman and Alexa and Cortana make friends. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Windows has a heart of trash

    Windows has a heart of trash

    I did a bad thing. I opened a bad file and it borked my PC. So as part of the grand tradition of frustrated tech bloggers calling on enormous companies to conform to their expectations, here is my rant on how terrible computers are — Windows ones, this time anyway — and how they ought to be. Read More

  • It’s Time For Apple To Treat Us Like Adults

    It’s Time For Apple To Treat Us Like Adults

    It’s time for Apple to treat us like adults. The company revolutionized the smartphone with iOS, no doubt. But as iOS gets older, its users are, too, and fewer and fewer of them are first-time smartphone owners. It made sense to hold everybody’s hands when this whole idea of a computer in your pocket was new. But just as Apple will probably move from skeuomorphic design to a… Read More

  • The Idiocy Of The Social Animal

    The Idiocy Of The Social Animal

    As we move closer to the launch of the (probably awful) Facebook phone, let’s examine just what the social network and its ilk have created. Millions of us use these new tools to joke, flirt and share memories, but just as many of us use these tools much to our disadvantage. In some ways, however, that is making things better for all of us. Read More

  • Will This Be The Worst.iPad.Announcement.Ever? Does It Matter?

    Apple news is like a media black hole. It sucks all of the other announcements out of the atmosphere and overshadows all other news for a good twenty-four hours. Even the mainstream guys get in on the act, with local newscasts establishing beachheads at Apple stores around the world where a jokey anchor phones in a quickie with HQ talking about those wacky iPads and how they wish their… Read More

  • There Will Be No iPad Killers This Year

    Shanzai performed some decidedly sober analysis of the tablet market and came away with one simple conclusion: no matter how much LG boasts, no matter how much Samsung leaks, no matter how many Notion Inks ship, the tablet market is sewn up this year. Why? Because no one will have product in pipeline for the holidays and thus the only things selling in the slate form factor will be the… Read More

  • I Am Angry At 2K For Hijacking X-COM

    A recent interview with the developers of the upcoming X-COM reboot confirmed what every true X-COM fan always feared: that the game existed before they decided to make it X-COM, and 2K seems to have laid on the license as an extra layer. The game may still be good, of course, but it won’t be X-COM, and now that 2K has hijacked the name, it is much less likely that the beloved… Read More

  • Quoth Dvorak: "Go to Craigslist and hire three programmers and an IT guy "

    John C. Dvorak rails against the LAPD’s $7 million dollar email deal with Google. I agree that $7 million is a lot of money to spend on email, but I don’t know all the details of the deal, so I’m not going to cast too many aspersions there. I will, however, take Dvorak to task for his knee-jerk reaction to “hire three programmers and an IT guy”. End users expect… Read More

  • I hate computers: confessions of a sysadmin

    I often wonder if plumbers reach a point in their career, after cleaning clogged drain after clogged drain, that they begin to hate plumbing. They hate pipes. They hate plumber’s putty. They hate all the tricks they’ve learned over the years, and they hate the need to have to learn tricks. It’s plumbing, for goodness sake: pipes fitting together and substances flowing… Read More

  • The Lab vs. The Real World: product testing is hard

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple months, you know that Toyota has had problems with sudden acceleration of some of its vehicles. Apparently, the root cause of the problem is still unknown, which is a little troubling to the average consumer. Toyota claims to be doing everything they can to investigate, but that doesn’t seem to be enough. Now everyone… Read More

  • Question: Why does the iPhone still have the best touchscreen in the industry?

    I don’t have an iPhone. And I’m happy with my other devices. But while I laugh at AT&T issues, mock iPhone users for lacking features I have on Android, and so on, there has always been one thing I’ve been desperately jealous of: the touchscreen. Now, I’ve had my share of touchscreens of all sizes and shapes. I’ve demoed phones and devices of varying quality… Read More

  • I surrender, Comcast

    I’m just going to take it. That’s right, Comcast. This is me, waving my white flag. I’m not going to complain to you any more. Why did I even try in the first place? It’s like trying to erode Mount Rainier with licks. So from here on out, I’m just going to take it. All the outages, all the fees, all 20 levels of customer service. Who was I kidding, anyway? Read More

  • Comcast unloading bum modems on customers

    I just had a visit from a courteous and helpful (really) Comcast guy that was quite illuminating. You see, a few months ago I had a new cable modem installed, since my old one was freezing up every few minutes. The guy who came then happened to have an extra modem in his van of the correct spec and installed it right away. Everything was fine until a week or two ago, when I started losing… Read More

  • Mouse and keyboard vs. Console controller: Let's bury the hatchet

    I suck at GoldenEye. There, I’ve said it. I get schooled every time I play, even if I’m Odd Job. And chances are, everyone who reads this is better than me at Halo, Killzone, and pretty much every other console FPS. That’s just an upfront disclosure in case you want to skip this post and get right to the flaming. After all, I’m just writing this because I’m bad… Read More

  • In an age of free and abundant wi-fi, Starbucks takes a stand

    Here in Seattle, there isn’t enough room to swing a cat without hitting an open wi-fi access point. During lapses in my own internet service (damn you, Comcast) I have gotten by on my neighbors’, or one of the dozen cafes or bars within half a mile that have free, unfettered internet access. In fact, it’s become a sort of lifestyle I and other Seattleites subscribe to… Read More

  • Yes, the 27" iMac's screen is "better than HD" – kind of like most monitors

    I’ll make this quick. I’ve heard two or three independent sources saying that the new iMac’s screen is “better than HD.” Let’s examine that claim for a moment here. If HD is 1920×1080 and the iMac is 2560×1440, then yes, it is better than HD. But why would you make that claim when most monitors over 22 inches are at least that resolution? Read More

  • This is why Apple's iFrame is a bad idea

    Yesterday, word got out of Apple’s new iFrame standard, which purports to expedite video editing by keeping the video in “the same format used on a computer.” Really, it’s nothing but a resolution and wrapper. So why am I losing my mind over it? Because the way iFrame is being positioned and propagated is misleading and harmful to consumers. Oh I know, what an… Read More

  • Just what we needed: a crazy video standard from Apple!

    Why would you do this, Apple? I know you don’t like the usual resolutions out there, but did you have to go and throw another one on the pile? That’s why there are so many competing formats in the first place. 960×540 H264 MP4? Sure, I could select those specifications if I wanted them, but why would I? Most cameras shoot to VGA or 720p now. Why would you decide to popularize… Read More

  • Sony Blows It, episode 57: In which the PSP Go is garbage

    A year from now, or maybe two, when Sony has actually figured out what it’s doing with its online store, managed copies, and other details, the PSP Go might just be a good buy. Of course, they will have to lower the price by a hundred dollars, and I don’t think 16GB is going to cut it for long, and they’ll want to upgrade the wireless hardware too. But once those things… Read More

  • Stop being so naive about the Apple-Foxconn suicide

    First, we all need to shut up because we don’t know the facts. When (if) more is revealed, then we can talk about it with confidence, anything less is sensationalism — not that we’re any strangers to that. But argument from ignorance is an insult to everyone involved. Second, we need to shut up because it has nothing to do with Apple, or Foxconn for that matter. It has to… Read More

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