• Sony planned UMD-less PSP all along

    In a show of forward thinking stifled by corporate lethargy, it seems that Sony had a PSP Go planned since 2004 but didn’t think the infrastructure was ready for it. Well, Sony, you missed the boat on that one. As usual, you took the low-risk, low-reward path and as usual I’m going to mock you for it. Because you know what else wasn’t ready when it came out? The Wii. Read More

  • Dear Sony: Denial is not a valid business stategy

    I like Sony. Who doesn’t? They’ve got a lot of great games, they’re leaders in technology and research, they have their fingers in lots of good pies, and so on. But if they keep pulling this kind of garbage, they’re going to be begging for mercy from the rest of the industry in five years. “At the end of the day, the iPhone is just a phone,” says Kaz Hirai. Read More

  • Rant: Okay, time to chill out, Mossberg doesn't "know" there's a new iPhone

    Seriously. I’ve seen this all over the internet. Mossberg reviews the Pre, makes one questionably-phrased mention of the upcoming iPhone, and suddenly it’s confirmed? Let’s look at the sentence: I’d note that the new iPhone to be unveiled next week will have lots of added features that could alter those calculations. Consider that the second sentence of… Read More

  • Palm Pre: An also-ran

    An “also-ran” is, literally, “a horse that does not win, place, or show in a race.” The world loves an underdog but it never loves an also-ran. It forgets about an also-ran. And so we reach nearly the end of Palm Pre madness and I’m afraid to report that after all the magic, all the tears, all the joy the Palm Pre will be just another phone. It won’t save… Read More

  • Gadgets suck

    I’m curious. How do normal people – non geeks – survive in this gadget filled world? It’s a fair question as nearly every gadget or piece of technology I have used in the last few years required days of Google’n and trial/error usage before the damn thing would finally work. Maybe I’m different than most and actually expect gadgets to work… Read More

  • Don't go to Circuit City for deals

    I started this rant last night and kind of realized it didn’t make much sense. However, eagle-eyed reader SteveJabs headed down to CC and confirmed my suspicions: there are no deals to be had at Circuit City. I thought I would meander over to the City of Circuits today and see what all was going down with this “blowout selling.” As predicted they are screwing people over on… Read More

  • Steve sends a Steve-note: I'm just thin

    So Steve isn’t dying, he’s just thin. WSJ got a note from Steve describing his malady as some sort of nutritional/hormonal problem and, it seems, all is right with the world. First, the note. Dear Apple Community, For the first time in a decade, I’m getting to spend the holiday season with my family, rather than intensely preparing for a Macworld keynote. Unfortunately… Read More

  • Review: Samsung Rant (Sprint)

    Quick Version: The Samsung Rant is an excellent phone for text messaging addicts who want to be able to do a bit of light web browsing over a high speed data network but don’t want all the feature overload of a full-fledged smartphone. And at $49.99 with a two-year contract, it’s priced to move. Click through for the full review. Read More

  • Does the video game industry suck as much as Hollywood?

    It’s one thing for Hollywood to lack ingenuity these days, but why is it spilling over into the game industry? Don’t get me wrong: we’re all drinking the kool-aid and enjoying ourselves, but have we all become so complacent that we’ll give in to whatever is thrown at us? Nothing seems to garner a groundbreaking adjective before or after its title anymore. Read More

  • Best Buy Mobile handset roadmap discovered

    There are some sweet mobile phones coming out over the next few months and a BGR crony turned up release dates for Best Buy’s hotest upcoming phones. The info comes off of a PowerPoint slide and reveals quite a bit.   Coming October 26th: Sprint – Samsung M540 “Rant”, available in black, purple and red Sprint – HTC Touch Pro Verizon – Blitz AT&T… Read More

  • Sprint unleashes fall phone lineup

    It’s that time of year again. New phones! Let’s see, Sprint has unveiled seven new phones and we have already covered the exciting HTC Touch Diamond and Touch pro this morning, leaving us with a bunch of boring everyday phones. Read More

  • Rant: What the hell, Apple?

    Everybody is used to the hype that surrounds Apple’s events; it’s so heavy you can detect it with a Geiger counter and you have to be sanitized before you leave the auditorium. When Apple releases products, it’s always a big deal — usually, because the products are a big deal. The launch of Leopard, the iPhone, and the Air were, whether you wanted the products or… Read More

  • The Apple Store perhaps has leapt over the Selachimorpha

    This is a rant. I was in Manhattan today and decided to stop by the Apple store on 5th Avenue, the Cube, as it is called, to pick up a 3G case. It was about 2:30pm, just after lunch. A simple plan: walk down the stairs, find the cases, buy one, leave. The place was mobbed. Every Italian tourist, every alterna-nerd, every financial Bluetooth headset guy, was milling about in the deep pit they… Read More

  • Memorex adds Essential TravelDrive portable storage drives in four fugly colors

    Today in Cerritos, California, Memorex announced their 2.5-inch portable storage devices dubbed the Essential TravelDrive in 160, 250 and 320GB capacities. Other than the fugly colors that are “vibrant”, I found the entire press release to be laughable. I do my best to not make fun of PR folk, but I’m sure whoever wrote it should have given it one or two more… Read More

  • The news of Usenet's death has been greatly exaggerated

    Sascha at PCMag writes a charming little piece on the death of Usenet as a method of discourse and its eventual rebirth as a repository for porn, spam, and pirated warez. He recalls the days of “serious conversations” on 8-bit Atari architecture and net.manners. In a way inconceivable in today’s Web-fragmented marketplace, Usenet was where you went to talk. Conceived back in… Read More

  • The New Apple Walled Garden

    Geeks and enthusiasts wearing WordPress t-shirts, using laptops covered in Data Portability, Microformats and RSS stickers lined up enthusiastically on Friday to purchase a device that is completely proprietary, controlled and wrapped in DRM. The irony was lost on some as they ran home, docked their new devices into a proprietary media player and downloaded closed source applications wrapped… Read More

  • Think AT&T is trying to screw you with their unlimited iPhone 3G plan?

    I’ve been hemming and hawing about doing this post since last week when AT&T revealed all the pricing info for the iPhone 3G. With the release of Vodafone NZ‘s pricing today, I can no longer keep my mouth shut. The Kiwis are paying $190 for 1GB of data, 600 minutes, and 600 texts! Not to mention the fact that if they opt for the cheapest plan ($60), they’ll have to shell… Read More

  • Gates sends angry e-mail, sounds just like a customer

    The Seattle P-I has tracked down an old e-mail from 2003 that Bill Gates sent out to members of the Windows Usability team. The pages-long e-mail message chronicles Gates’ attempt to download Windows Movie Maker. Here are some especially tantalizing tidbits, with the full e-mail message to be found after the jump. “I tried scoping to Media stuff. Still no moviemaker. I typed in movie. Read More

  • Something that sucks about the MacBook Pro

    I have done zero research into this problem, so you’ll have to forgive me if it’s an easy fix. The issue I’ve been having with my MBP is that once I plug in my headphones, the volume jumps to 100 percent and I forget about it every single time, which perpetuates my already horrendous hearing. This was not a problem with my MacBook, though. If I recall correctly, the… Read More

  • Why do people suck so much?

    So I was sitting at the airport earlier today trying to get a little bit of work done before boarding my plane. My MBP was on its last legs with about 30 minutes to go and I noticed someone plugging into an outlet on the other side of the gate. I wandered over and plugged in and started to crank out some e-mails and then I noticed my battery meter was on red. WTF?! It wasn’t charging so… Read More