• The CC Aurora is actually pretty fun, as far as projectors go

    The CC Aurora is actually pretty fun, as far as projectors go

    Projectors are boring. They remind me of vacation slideshows and school film strips — neither of which I’m in a particular hurry to revisit in my adult life. That said, I’ve always harbored some germ of a notion that some day I might buy one. XGIMI’s CC Aurora is the closest I’ve seen to being a projector that I could actually muster any reasonable amount of… Read More

  • Rokid, the assistant that can see, hear and sing raises $50M at $450M valuation

    Rokid, the assistant that can see, hear and sing raises $50M at $450M valuation

    Meet Melody. Despite looking like a giant egg with a TV for a heart, she actually may be the first thing to put a smile on your face this morning. She can recognize you, listen to you, and even sing for you — all the while being a hub for home IoT. The whole package may seem a bit corny, albeit in a cute candy corn kinda way, but for investors in Rokid, Melody’s maker, the device… Read More

  • TouchPico Android Projector

    The TouchPico Projector Turns Any Surface Into A Giant Android Touchscreen

    The TouchPico projector is launching today on IndieGogo. Announced at this year’s CES, it’s about as powerful as a mid-range Android phone, and has a camera that sees when you draw on the surface it’s projecting on — it basically turns any surface into a giant tablet-like display. Read More

  • HDI 3D Projectors Look Like Something Aliens Gave Us

    HDI 3D Projectors Look Like Something Aliens Gave Us

    HDI makes high-end projectors and this $55,000, 300-inch 3D projector is one of their products. The projectors come in multiple styles and types (these are just renders) and each model number, the 120, 200 and 300, is related to the maximum screen size these puppies can project. At 55 bones these things had better give you an MRI as well. Read More

  • Sharp Shows Cell Phone With Built-In Projector

    The Biscuit and wooden cell phones Sharp yesterday announced for the Japanese market weren’t the only ones worth mentioning. Big S also unveiled [JP] the SH-05C, a handset featuring a built-in projector that’s usable for up to 120 minutes on a full battery charge. Read More

  • CEATEC 2010: Hitachi's Awesome LCD Projector Demo (Videos)

    Projectors might be great for movies and essential for presentations, but they are rarely sexy. A notable exception currently showcased at CEATEC 2010 is the ultra-short throw LCD projector (the follow-up model to the CP-A200) showcased at Hitachi’s booth or rather the combination of the device and a whiteboard with touch control. Read More

  • The JVC DLA-HD250 Drops D-ILA Projectors To A Lower Pricepoint

    CEDIA, the tradeshow for AV nerds, is currently rocking in Atlanta and JVC took the stage to announce its newest D-ILA projector. Generally, anything that touts D-ILA carries a high price tag. But not this boy. Well, I guess it’s still high, but it’s a lot lower than previous models. You might be able to actually afford this JVC 1080p front projector. Read More

  • Sony Introduces Its First SXRD 3D Projector, The VPL-VW90ES

    The Sony VPL-VW90ES is a beast. With a $10,000 price tag and ES label, it should be. This is Sony’s first 3D front projector and utilizes SXRD tech along with a single Ultra High Performance 1,000 ANSI lumens lamp to deliver a 1080p24 picture. The projector’s new 240Hz frame rate mode handles the 3D images, though. The gracious folks at Sony even included two pairs of the… Read More

  • Tiny Projectors Being Developed, Coming To Market

    Look out, there’s a new projector technology coming. Lemoptix has been developing a projector technology that will fit into any portable computer or mobile telephone. The new device will allow you to put a projector in almost anything really, given the small size. Read More

  • The HDV-D350S Is The World's First Projector/Camcorder

    Here’s something neat. It’s the first camcorder/projector. The Ordro HDV-D350S seems like a pretty cool gadget, that is of course if this nearly $800 device works well. The Ordro is a full HD 1080p camcorder. Equipped with a 3.0” LCD capturing 12.0MP digital stills from a 10X optical zoom. Sounds nice, but I would say the downside would be the projector’s… Read More

  • DIY: Build your own projector

    Proving once again that duct tape is capable of almost anything, here’s a little DIY project for you. It looks fairly simple to build your own projector, even if it’s not particularly aesthetically pleasing. Read More

  • Sony’s new clock radio shines (on the wall)

    Sony announced a new clock radio today, the enticing named ICF-C717PJ, the latest in a long line of consumer electronics. The ICF-C717PJ has a few tricks up it’s proverbial sleeve however, including a thermometer and the ability to project the time on the wall or ceiling. Read More

  • ViewSonic announces 3D ready projector

    ViewSonic announced the latest addition to their family of projectors recently, the PJD6531w. What makes this particular projector interesting is the fact that it displays at 120Hz, enabling it to be used to display those newfangled 3D movies that are so hot right now. The PJD6531w runs at 1280×800, and supports up to 1080p. The fact that it runs in 120Hz means it’ll work with… Read More

  • The InFocus DisplayLink Wireless system cuts the cord between Macs and InFocus projectors

    One of the most frustrating things about using a projector is setting up all the cords. You have to connect the video, probably the audio (at least in a business setting) and get the whole thing up and running. If you have a Mac, life gets even more complicated due to the lack of an HDMI or DVI port, which is the industry standard for projectors. InFocus is fixing all that with their new… Read More

  • JVC's new $15,000 projector

    If you have $15,000 to spare for a new gadget, this might be of interest to you: JVC Japan today announced [press release in English] the DLA-SH7NL, a video projector that features a resolution of almost 10 megapixels (4,096×2,400, to be exact). That’s more than four times full HD. Read More

  • Sanyo promises 4,000 hours of maintenance-free use for new projector

    Sanyo Japan announced [press release in English] the LP-WL2500 today, an ultra short-focus projector whose newly developed filter and lamp makes it possible to use the device for long periods without maintenance. To be more specific, Sanyo says they boosted lamp life by 30% (when compared to the previous model) to 4,000 hours. The hybrid filter has the main lifespan, which was 20 times… Read More

  • Clamshell home projector cheap, probably of poor quality

    File this under “sounds too good to be true”. A Chinese artist has designed a projector into a clamshell, with a built in speaker. The unbelievable part? It’s only $50. I question what type of quality you are going to get from a projector that only costs $50. Read More

  • GREEN SLIM: Casio announces pretty, eco-friendly friendly projectors

    One of the few product announcements by a major electronics maker that’s not been made at the CES: Casio has unveiled the XJ-A series, which consists of nine projectors that are not only pretty cool-looking but also eco-friendly. The company says the devices are the first to be completely mercury-free. Casio also claims their so-called GREEN SLIM projectors are the world’s… Read More

  • bdporter: Sony Music's roll-front cabinet with integrated Blu-ray player and projector

    Sony Music Japan has announced a pretty unusual product today, the so-called bdporter [JP]. It’s essentially a roll-front cabinet with a set of devices that’s geared toward home theater fans who look for a unique piece of furniture. Buyers will get a Sony Blu-ray player, a WXGA projector, surround headphones, active speakers and a 60-inch projector screen. Read More

  • Review: Viewsonic PJD2121 Projector

    Short Version: The PJD2121 is a portable projector mainly intended for the business user. The display is bright, the colors crisp, and the contrast is high enough that you don’t need to be in a room with blackout curtains to use it. The price is pretty reasonable, too. Read More

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