CEATEC 2010: Hitachi's Awesome LCD Projector Demo (Videos)

Projectors might be great for movies and essential for presentations, but they are rarely sexy. A notable exception currently showcased at CEATEC 2010 is the ultra-short throw LCD projector (the follow-up model to the CP-A200) showcased at Hitachi’s booth or rather the combination of the device and a whiteboard with touch control.

Measuring just just 45x303x85mm and weighing less than 4kg, the projector itself is the smallest, lightest and shortest-focus projector out there. It produces 80-inch images from a distance of just 56cm.

The whiteboard type display is 78 inches large. In the videos below, you can see a Hitachi employee showing how the system (projector plus screen) works. He tries hard to boost the wow-factor (which, for me at least, worked well).

Here is a video I shot at Hitachi’s CEATEC booth:

Here’s another one: