Project Ara

Google ends modular phone Project Ara, though licensing may be an option

After three years of development, starting at Motorola then transferred to Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group, Project Ara is being “suspended” and ultimately, is cance

The crazy dream of modular smartphones

File it under 'it seemed great on paper'... but Google's project Ara modular smartphone concept is -- for all intents and purposes -- dead. If you want to be a little more generous, you can say Google

Google demos Project Ara developer unit, plans for a 2017 commercial release

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard much about Project Ara, but Google wasn’t going to let an I/O go by without shedding a little more light on the much discussed (and formerly Moto-cent

Google Delays Pilot Of Ara Modular Smartphone Till 2016

There are Google (Alphabet) moonshots such as its project to hack death/extend human life. And then there is the stuff shooting quite a lot lower than the moon -- aka projects which also seem spectacu

TC Droidcast Episode 33: Wherein We Fix Project Ara

Our first Droidcast back in 2015 includes ample CES discussion, as well as first-hand accounts of Google’s Project Ara news from Kyle Russell. Darrell Etherington talks about the YotaPhone 2 dua

Google To Launch Project Ara Market Pilot In Puerto Rico Later This Year

Today Google announced that it will launch its modular smartphone, known as Project Ara, with a limited market pilot in the US territory of Puerto Rico later this year.

Watch Google’s Project Ara Developers Conference Live Right Here

Excited about modular smartphones? So is Google, which is hosting its second Project Ara Developer Conference today in California. The Ara project is designed to provide a consumer-ready platform for

Here’s What Google’s LEGO-Style Phone, Project Ara, Looks Like Right Now

It's been a few weeks since we've heard much about Project Ara, Google's efforts to build a phone out of components that can be swapped out, piece-by-piece. Google showed off the device a bit back

Google Is Looking For Developers For Its Modular Smartphone Project

Google's modular smartphone is inching closer to reality. The company is looking for a few good developers with stellar ideas for Project Ara. Developers have to <a target="_blank" href="

Phonebloks Issues A Call To Action For Industry Partners To Support The Modular Phone

Phonebloks, the company started by Dutch designer Dave Hakkens with the aim of developing modular electronics, is touting its success in moving its mission forward today, while also calling for additi

Google’s Modular Ara Smartphone To Launch For The Public In January 2015

Google has been showing off its Project Ara modular smartphone in a lot more detail over the past few days, likely because it’s also hosting a developer conference for the device this week. Ara

Google Releases First Developer Resources For Project Ara, Its Modular Smartphone

Google's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group has released a Module Developers Kit (MDK) for Project Ara, its forthcoming modular smartphone, providing reference implementations for various d

Google Shows A Glimpse Of How Its Modular Phone Moonshot Is Progressing

Google has released a video showing a glimpse of what's going on behind the scenes at Project Ara, one of the hardware shunkworks projects coming out of its Advanced Technology and Projects that's aim

Google’s Project Ara $50 Modular Smartphone Could Change The Way We Buy Phones Starting Next Year

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects Division just announced its first developer event for Project Ara, a modular smarpthone, yesterday, and a new follow-up profile by TIME indicates we cou

Google’s Project Ara Modular Smartphone Gets Its Own Developer Conference This April

Google is not abandoning Project Ara, after taking over the ambitious experimental smartphone design concept along with the Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group from Motorola. ATAP only just

Motorola Taps 3D Systems To Produce Parts For Its Crazy Modular Smartphones

Back when Motorola revealed that it's seriously trying to bring<a href=""> modular smartphones</

This Week On The TechCrunch Droidcast: Google’s Plan For Hangouts And Motorola’s Modular Future

To paraphrase the one and only Gloria Gaynor, Darrell and I are back from outer space for yet another edition of the TechCrunch Droidcast. Well maybe not outer space <em>per se</em>, but the two of us