Watch Google’s Project Ara Developers Conference Live Right Here


Excited about modular smartphones? So is Google, which is hosting its second Project Ara Developer Conference today in California. The Ara project is designed to provide a consumer-ready platform for modular smartphone tech, letting users buy and swap out individual components like cameras, processors and sensors in configurations of their choosing. Remember, as you watch this, that Project Ara was pegged for a release date of January 2015, with a launch price tag of $50 for a base unit, which is designed to essentially just pave the way for modular components from third-party devs and manufacturers.

Ara’s projected development timeline may have changed in that time, as back during its first developer conference Ara lead Paul Eremenko laid out a timeline for the coming year that included two other developer events in July and September, but this is clearly the second such conference for the ATAP-housed project.

We’ll definitely find out more at the event today, which kicks off at 8 AM PT, 11 AM ET.