Google Is Looking For Developers For Its Modular Smartphone Project

Google’s modular smartphone is inching closer to reality. The company is looking for a few good developers with stellar ideas for Project Ara. Developers have to apply to the program and Google will select a lucky few to get very early access to the modules powering the novel smartphone.

Perspective devs have until July 18th to apply to the program. The early hardware will be shipped out by the end of the month. Then, next month, Google will select another round of developers to also get the kit.

The developer kit includes circuit boards to test different modules that will snap together to make a smartphone. Project Ara’s success will depend largely on developers and companies embracing the product’s upgradable nature that includes packaging different components like the camera, processor and battery in blocks that can be swapped for different modules. It’s a stark departure from the norm of today’s smartphones where nothing is upgradable or changeable. Clearly Google is hoping that by passing out developer kits, the company can spark some interest with notable devs who will then in turn create their own Project Ara blocks.

The best module to come from this developer program will snag the Project Ara Developer Prize Challenge and win $100,000 for its creator.

Google previously stated that the company was targeting a January 2015 release with an initial price tag of $50.

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