New AMD processor details leak

<img src="" />Oops! Looks like someone accident let some information out early. AMDs "Thuban" processors will be out next

Water runs uphill in mysterious silicon etching

<img src="" />Bet you weren't expecting <em>that </em>headline tonight, were you? Well, it's about as literal as I could get. S

Let there be… nanophotonic avalanche photodetectors!

<img src="" />File this one under "future toys." We hear about a lot of these super-low-level advances in processing and storage (whenev

Apple's A4 chip a billion dollar investment? That can't be right

<img src="" />There's a story going around right now that the development costs for Apple's A4 chip, which powers the <a href="http://www.c

Apple's A4 processor is in ARM family tree with Snapdragon, Tegra

<img src="" />One of the small surprises of the iPad announcement was that it was running on Apple's own custom silicon. Well, that's true

VIA’s 3000-series Nano CPUs promise longer battery, increased performance

<img src="">VIA has introduced its updated line of Nano processors, built for netbooks and all-in-one computers. The 3000 series promises a

AMD's official video from the Austin overclocking event

<img src="" />While I was <a href="">sliding

Video: Horsing around at AMD's Austin overclocking event

<img src="" />Last week AMD <a href="">invited CrunchGear d

Live at AMD's Austin overclocking event

<img src="" class="center" I'm eating lunch in the conference here in AMD's Lone Star campus while they&

Intel details next-generation 'Pine Trail' Atom platform, intros updated 'Moblin' UI

<img src="">Intel just held a teleconference outlining some information on its next Atom platform, code-named "Pine Trail" and introduced

AMD Phenom II overclocked to 7.1GHz, that's a 220% increase

<img src="" />The Phenom II X4 has been shown to be an excellent overclocker, and recently the world record was set by a group called Limit

What can we blame for AMD's recent lackluster performance?

<img src="" />What's the matter with AMD? The number two chip maker in <i>the whole world</i> just posted some numbers that don't reflect t

Xbox-era games to be playable on cell phones soon?

<img src="" />It is always wise to take these kinds of promises with a grain of salt, but if a company says their chip will allow a pho

Hack an extra core into your Phenom II

<img src="" /> It's an improvement worthy of the greatest trick of all time, <a href="

Nvidia's Ion platform to support VIA this year

<img src="" /> That firecracker CEO of Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang, has revealed that Nvidia will be putting out an "Ion 2" platform using VIA N

New form of processor will make errors at hugely increased speeds

<img src="" />The PCMOS system, designed by Rice University researchers, promises a speed increase of 700% at a thirtieth of the p

New Phenom IIs from AMD drop

<img src="" />AMD enthusiasts should mark February 9th as a red-letter day. Five new processors have been unleashed by the ailing but eff

Nvidia to try its hand at x86 chips, then get its pants sued off

<img src="" />While Intel is working on taking on the GPU sector (and may just have <a href="

Intel delays GPU-integrated processors until 2010

<img src="" />The economic crisis and resultant drop in spending has slowed down a lot of tech industries. Even the big players like In

Run AMD's Fusion utility on any processor

<img src="" />Although we were a little underwhelmed at what <a href="">Fusion </a>actu
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