Intel acknowledges supply issues, will prioritize premium chips

Intel interim CEO Bob Swan issued an uncharacteristically frank letter today, highlighting the company’s supply issues. The executive blames the surprising growth of an unexpectedly rebounding PC in

Intel teases a massive 28-core, single-socket chip that will launch later this year

Intel is feeling increasing pressure from AMD and Qualcomm and the competition will get even more intense if reports that Apple is working on its own chips to replace Intel processors in Macs are true

Researchers disclose new Spectre exploit variant, but Intel and AMD leave mitigation off by default

The specter of Spectre still looms above Intel, which just today disclosed a new variant of that most dire of chip flaws. It's issuing a mitigation patch in tandem with the announcement that may come

Intel announces hardware fixes for Spectre and Meltdown on upcoming chips

When the Spectre and Meltdown bugs hit, it became clear that they wouldn't be fixed with a few quick patches — the problem runs deeper than that. Fortunately, Intel has had plenty of time to work on

Intel details performance hit for Meltdown fix on affected processors

Now that the Meltdown and Spectre cats are out of the bag and patches are being issued left and right, the main question people have is: will this affect my everyday work? Intel's latest performance m

Kernel panic! What are Meltdown and Spectre, the bugs affecting nearly every computer and device?

If you're confused by the avalanche of early reports, denials, and conflicting statements about the massive security issues announced today, don't worry — you're far from the only one. Here's what y

Apple’s Acquisition Strategy Is About Finding Great Talent, Putting It To Work On Existing Apple Priorities

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in today's keynote speech at the Goldman Sachs investor conference that while Apple picks acquisition targets based on opportunity, the company has a clear strategy if you look

Back Against The Wall, Intel Ramps Up Investment For 2013 To Make The Shift To Mobile Processors

Even though Intel's quarterly earnings were <a href="">a mixed bag</

Apple Reportedly Swallows A 20% Price Hike For Its Samsung-Supplied Mobile Processors

Samsung has reportedly increased the price of the mobile processors it manufactures for Apple's iOS devices by 20 percent, according to South Korean daily newspaper Chosun Ilbo, which says it received

Texas Instruments Promises All-Day Battery Life With 2013 OMAPs

Since battery technology isn't really enabling us to pack more than a few watt-hours into our portable devices, companies like Intel, Nvidia, and Texas Instruments are working hard at making their chi

Intel's 3D Transistors Promise Small Physical And Electrical Footprint

<img src="" /><a href="">Intel</a> has made an interesting advance in microprocessor

Intel Hints At New Tablet Chip Named "Cloverview"

<img src="" />Cloverview is going to be the name of <a href="">Intel's</a> next-generation <a href="htt

Researchers Make First Plastic Processor

<img src="" />As you probably know, computer processors are made up of a bunch of teeny tiny transistors on top of brittle silicon. Wh

World's First Flexible Microprocessor Made With Organic Semiconductors

Intel's Sandy Bridge Processors In The Wild And Reviewed

<img src="" />The "tock" portion of Intel's latest tick-tock cycle has officially hit, and the shrink of last year's Core processors bring

Intel Taking Atom Process To 15 Nanometers – That's Really Tiny

<img src="" />For years, makers of computer processors have worked to shrink the size of their components. The smaller your circuits a

Dual-Core Orion CPU From Samsung Announced

<img src="" />The pair of 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 cores will come for mobile devices in 2011 with 1080p playback and recording, <span s

Intel: GPUs aren't 100 times faster than CPUs, just 14 times. Nvidia: Oh no!

<img src="" />This is pretty funny. You've probably seen some of the propaganda over the last year or so about how GPUs are orders of mag

Apple's A4 ain't that special

<img src="" />I really don't understand what the big deal is about the A4. ARM designed the chip, <a href="

AMD's Vision: The chip race is finally over

Remember back in the day when you could go into a store and compare two clock speeds and come out with the right machine for you? Everything else was immaterial. Hard drives could be upgraded, memory
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