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How ZTE became the focal point of US/China relations

Here in the States, ZTE has been content with a kind of quiet success. The Chinese smartphone maker has landed in the top five quarter after quarter (sometimes breaking the top three, according to som

Every time Trump has gone off on Amazon

Tax cuts might be the name of the game for the Trump administration, but the president has no intention of letting Amazon’s Jeff Bezos off easy. With a tweet early Thursday following an Axios re

The ‘attention economy’ created by Silicon Valley is bankrupting us

"The attention economy” is shaping everything about contemporary life, according to Google's former design ethicist, Tristan Harris. That economy has brought us Donald Trump by bankrupting our intel

Addressing unjust US surveillance policies

As the new administration’s rhetoric around maintaining public safety reaches a fever pitch, cutting-edge surveillance technologies are being rolled out and used on the American public -- often with

Highlights from James Comey’s first testimony since Trump fired him

Today, the former FBI director who ran afoul of President Trump appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee in its ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential e

Hacked texts from family of former Trump campaign manager surface on the dark web

As questions around the Trump campaign's relationship with Russia build, at least one former member of the president's inner circle appears to have gotten the DNC treatment.

Trump is causing a political app boom, data shows

The growth of politically focused mobile apps has been booming since November, with the top five political apps receiving a combined 300,000 downloads across iOS and Android over the past three months

After Puzder withdraws, Trump names his new pick for labor secretary

Less than 24 hours after his first pick to head the Department of Labor withdrew his nomination over intense scrutiny of his various professional and personal controversies, President Trump is ready

Intel inexplicably makes jobs announcement in round room with very nice curtains

Intel’s latest press conference was its most well-appointed yet. The chipmaker’s CEO Brian Krzanich announced his company’s newest initiative in a tasteful if traditional space with lavi

Federal judge puts nationwide block on President Trump’s travel ban

President Trump’s executive order banning travelers from seven countries could be over just one chaotic week after its hasty introduction. That’s because a federal judge from Seattle has o

Trump will announce his Supreme Court nominee tonight on Facebook Live

Following a chaotic, divisive first week, President Trump is set to announce his pick for the Supreme Court tonight. Not one for tradition, the White House will broadcast the nomination on Facebook Li

Google is pledging $4M to support U.S. immigration organizations

Google has created its largest humanitarian fund to date in response to President Trump’s executive order on immigration. The search giant’s newest ‘crisis campaign’ is $4 m