• Sling Studio makes multi-camera video production so damn easy

    Tito Hamze gives an in-depth review of the Sling Studio, a multi-camera production studio that turns your existing cameras wireless and makes your phones into cameras with the ability to control everything from an iPad as a switcher. It’s the most portable multi-cam setup I’ve ever used — and it’s awesome! Read More

  • XMI Updates X-Mini Speakers

    The original X-Mini came out a few years back as one of the best sounding portable speakers available on the market, and they even won a red dot award to prove it. Crave reports that XMI‘s updated X-Mini 1.1 combines the portability of the original, with a feature previously found only in the X-Mini II product. Read More

  • Sanyo's Outs New Mobile Chargers For Your Portable Gadgets

    Do you own an iPad, iPhone, iPod, Sony Xperia, a Nintendo DS, or other mobile devices? Do you need a power source when you use these gadgets on the go? If yes, then the mobile chargers Sanyo announced today might do the trick for you. There will be two versions: one, the so-called “eneloop stick booster” (pictured above) comes with adapters (licensed by Nintendo) to power your DS… Read More

  • Video: iriver's Portable Media Player "S100 Panorama"

    After launching the S100 Panorama in South Korea back in June, iriver today announced [JP] it will bring their media player to Japan (the company is yet to list the device on its global website). Technically, the player isn’t anything special, but it looks quite cute and comes in a total of three colors (white, black and pink). Read More

  • Portable watermelon cooler

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all in the world of gadgets, Japan churns out yet another unique device. This time it’s the Marugoto Tamachan [JP], a watermelon cooler and heater. That’s right, the machine doesn’t just cool watermelons, but for some reason it can also heat them up. And it’s portable, too. Read More

  • Sony announces portable DVD player with LED backlight and 7.5 hours of battery life

    We have numerous super-light laptops, a plethora of netbooks, and the iPad to choose from. But some companies still produce portable DVD players. One example is Sony, which yesterday in Japan announced [JP] just that, the DVP-FX950. The player has two selling points: a 9-inch LCD screen that features an LED backlight and a battery life of 7.5 hours (up 25% from the previous model). Read More

  • SOUND MUG: Sony's tumbler-shaped speaker for your car or home (video)

    You can’t use this device as a tumbler and I’m not even sure it makes sense functionality-wise, but Sony Japan announced [JP] the SOUND MUG yesterday, a speaker that’s shaped like a tumbler. To be more exact, the portable device is being marketed by Sony as a dock speaker specifically designed for their Walkmans. Read More

  • 3DS: Nintendo announces portable 3D gaming device

    Big news from the Japanese video game world today: Nintendo announced [JP, PDF] they will launch a successor to the DS/DSi for the next fiscal year (which begins next month in Japan and ends in March 2011). And what sounds particularly cool so far about the Nintendo 3DS is that the new portable device won’t require any special glasses for users to see the 3D images, according to Nintendo. Read More

  • 17,618: That's how many PSP Go Sony sold in Japan in 2010

    Last month, we reported that according to some rumors in the industry, Sony is seriously considering relaunching their portable gaming device, the PSP Go, with a price cut and marketing campaign. And today, Tokyo-based research firm Media Create released [JP] the latest hardware sales numbers for Japan, one of the biggest video game markets in the world. And these numbers indicate that… Read More

  • Sony's NV-U35 is more than just a portable navigation system

    Sony Japan today announced [JP] the “nav-u NV-U35”, a portable navigation system that also can be used as a music and video player. The device comes equipped with 8GB of internal flash memory and a 3.5-inch LCD screen with QVGA (320×240) resolution. It supports video in MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (Baseline Profile), MPEG-4 (Simple Profile) and WMV (VC-1 Main/Simple Profile) formats. Music… Read More

  • Thanko's Micro Sport MP3 Player weighs just 8g (video)

    Thanko, the Tokyo-based maker of all things USB, sometimes produces gadgets that aren’t silly. Today, the company announced the Micro Sport MP3 Player [JP] that’s supposed to be especially suitable for people who want to listen to music while doing sports. The only drawback is that the thing doesn’t look to be designed for this purpose at all (but maybe that’s just me). Read More

  • Portaro: Toshiba announces portable, over-priced DVD player

    Toshiba in Japan announced the Portaro SD-P12DT [JP] today, a new portable DVD player. The main selling point of the device is the 12-inch LCD screen that features an LED backlight and 1,366×768 resolution. Sized at 342×73×326mm (weight: 2.8kg), the Portaro is available in black or white. Read More

  • Here's how to pay too much for an SNES emulator

    So, you want to play some Super Nintendo games. You’ve got some ROMs, but you don’t want to play it on one of the many devices already out there. No, you want to drop some serious cash on a homemade version of a portable player. Well, this guy has got your back. Or at least your wallet. Read More

  • Music Card: Credit card-like MP3 player with built-in speaker (video)

    Japan-based gadget maker Strapya is offering the so-called Music Card MP3 Player (the link leads to their English store), an MP3 player that houses a speaker and an earphone plug but is still just 5mm (0.20″) thin. Sized at 5.4×8.6cm, the player weighs 20g. Strapya says the headphone jack is just 2.5mm and ships fitting earphones with the player itself, but they’ll also… Read More

  • New projector houses a DVD player and is cheap, but pretty ugly

    Yokohama-based electronics company Kumazaki-Aim has announced a “portable” LED video projector [JP] (size: 268×295×92mm, weight: 2.5kg) that won’t win any design awards but houses a DVD player. Buyers also get a screen (132×25×980mm) for their money. Read More

  • SD-P93DTW: Toshiba announces stylish portable DVD player

    Toshiba Japan announced a new portable DVD player today [JP], the SD-P93DTW, which is equipped with a One-Seg digital TV tuner. The device is Japan-only at this point. But Toshiba sells the SDP93S in the US, which is essentially the same player minus the TV tuner (the tuner is useless outside Japan and Brazil anyway). And Americans have to pay a lot less for their player. Read More

  • Kana micro: New, cute and inexpensive DAPs from Greenhouse

    Greenhouse in Japan will start selling the Kana Micro, nothing-special-but-cute mini DAPs [JP] from the beginning of next month (ask this shop if they offer the players anytime soon for Non-Japanese people). Read More

  • A portable HD Radio for your troubles, sir?

    This is the portable radio that’s supposed to rescue HD Radio from obscurity. It was showed off at last week’s CES, but since its name isn’t the Palm Pre no one gave a damn. Read More

  • Shobo Resuce: Mini CO2 fire extinguisher, glass breaker and belt cutter in one

    Tokyo-based YP Systems [JP] has developed the world’s first CO2 fire extinguisher that triples as a glass breaker and a belt cutter. The device is just 19.5cm long and weighs 370g. Made specifically for use during emergency situations in vehicles, the so-called Shobo Rescue’s fire extinguishing function is kept very simple (pulling a security pin is enough). YP Systems used… Read More

  • Japan gets a portable Hello Kitty DVD player, the rest of the world doesn't

    First NEC’s supercute (and very pink) Hello Kitty laptop, now this: A portable DVD player shaped like Hello Kitty’s head [JP], this time sold by Sanrio itself (the company behind the brand). The player comes with a 7-Inch LCD screen (resolution: 480×234), a built-in battery with a life span of 2.5 hours (an AC adaptor is included in the package) and an extracute remote control. Read More

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