Shobo Resuce: Mini CO2 fire extinguisher, glass breaker and belt cutter in one

Tokyo-based YP Systems [JP] has developed the world’s first CO2 fire extinguisher that triples as a glass breaker and a belt cutter. The device is just 19.5cm long and weighs 370g.

Made specifically for use during emergency situations in vehicles, the so-called Shobo Rescue’s fire extinguishing function is kept very simple (pulling a security pin is enough). YP Systems used food additive grade CO2 as the fire extinguishing agent to avoid dangers to people and electric systems.

The Shobo Resuce is already available in Japan (price: $52) and might find its way outside Nippon as well, considering YP Systems is collaborating with Honda (the fire extinguisher is used in the new Odyssey that will also be soon sold in the US and Europe).