Dreamcast molded into a handheld form, dubbed DreamTrooper

What gamer doesn’t have fond memories of the Sega Dreamcast? Apparently this guy wanted to relive those Jet Set Radio days while on the go – or in his cubical. This mod started as a Lazer

Wireless ATSC-equipped TVs coming from Epoq

Now that the digital transition is just months away, and already happened in some parts, analog, handheld TVs are going to stop working. You know, the type of TVs you used to sneak into church overn

Laptops to phone home as a theft deterrent?

The Inquirer is running an opinion piece regarding the benefits of adding GSM network access to laptops. The ubiquity of the GSM standard would make access available most anywhere in the world. Fernan

WANT: Portable SNES

That’s a SNES you’re looking at up there. The portablized version is detailed over at benheck.com forums. Lots of photos from every angle show the creation in all its glory. Nicely done. Power is

‘SofaBox’ is pretty much exactly what it sounds like

It’s a sofa. It’s a box. It’s the SofaBox — a sofa that folds into its own box. Nice idea, especially for frequent travelers who can’t stand to be without a portable sofa

August: Coby HDR-700 portable HD Radio

HD Radio is still around, for some reason, but at least there’s a portable unit on the way. This August, for the low, low price of $150, you could buy the COBY HDR-700, a rather squarish-looking

World's smallest (and portable) Karaoke box unveiled

Yesterday Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy announced [JP, PDF] the development of the world’s smallest Karaoke box, dubbed Hi-Kara. It will go on sale in Japan on October 18th and will be available

New portable Bluetooth speaker released in Japan

Tokyo-based Retailcomm unveiled a new portable speaker. The BIT-STB2819 is powered by 3 AA batteries and measures just 160×48×48mm (weight: 180 g). Output power is 2Wx2. The speaker can be wirelessl

New solar-powered portable media player

Today, Japanese maker Thanko started selling its newest product, a portable media player powered by a small solar panel. The so-called “Solar MP4 Player” is Nippon-only and costs $95. It s

Gaming on the go with the portable Dreamcast

Sure, it’s not the most portable of portables, but if you long for the simpler days of Dreamcast, why not build a version you can take almost anywhere? Also, a note to the guy who sold me the br

FC Mobile: Full, portable NES

Meet the FC Mobile, a really interesting looking cloned NES console that’s perfectly portable. But unlike most NES clones, this one takes old school NES cartridges, so you can dust off the ones

SANYO claims 'smallest and lightest' LCD projector

Behold! Either the woman in the photo is nine feet tall or I present to you the new champion of tiny projectors! The LP-XW60 weighs just 3.5 pounds and features a 400:1 contrast ratio with a 2,000-lum

Sony shrinks Bravia technology down to three inches

  If you live in Japan and you like mobile digital television, you’re probably going to think at least once (maybe twice) about Sony’s new little XDV-D500 handheld TV. It’s got

Solar-powered handheld with built-in NES emulation

Portable NES and Game Boy emulation without having to stop for batteries? I like. You can also use the solar panels to recharge your cell phone and other small devices. There’s a 3.5-inch screen

CES 2008: Seagate BlackArmor portable hard drive with government-level data encryption

[photopress:blackarmor_lr.jpg,full,center] Product Name: Seagate BlackArmor encrypted++ portable hard drives Description: A 160GB portable hdd with government-level encryption. That’s only good

120GB hard drive is roughly the size of a matchbox

Toshiba’s announced a tiny, tiny 120GB hard drive aimed at subnotebook computers, portable media players, and the like. At 0.31" tall by 2.12" wide by 2.79" long, it’s just

Western Digital Passport gets storage boost

Not that you really need a 320GB portable drive for the holidays. It’s, however, nice to know that one is out there now in case you do and I’m glad it’s from Western Digital . The Pa

Sony's Flash HD Vaio: hot, but not a cheap date

Flash-based storage is the future, but we haven’t arrived in the future just yet. Sony’s high-end flash Vaio is a good example of this. At 2lbs, 10oz, it feels about as heavy as a piece of

Make your iPod Nano box into a portable speaker set

I still have the box for my 5G iPod sitting on some shelf somewhere, because it was just too nice to throw away. Of course, I’m a pack rat and keep worthless stuff all the time. But now I have a

The most wanted laptop in America is…

My partiality towards Macs may have clouded my judgment in the past, but a laptop that retails for under $400 and is extremely portable is hard to overlook. That’s why the Asus Eee PC is the hottest
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