XMI Updates X-Mini Speakers

The original X-Mini came out a few years back as one of the best sounding portable speakers available on the market, and they even won a red dot award to prove it. Crave reports that XMI‘s updated X-Mini 1.1 combines the portability of the original, with a feature previously found only in the X-Mini II product.

What’s new? Well, XMI added a cover to the X-Mini 1.1. The cover serves a dual purpose in directing the sound from the speaker, as well as protecting the driver when not in use. The X-Mini 1.1 will be available later this month at your favorite electronics store and online retail outlets. Expect to see the X-Mini 1.1 priced at $19 – quite a reasonable price for a speaker that is rechargeable and will give you about 8 hours of playback time. You can also daisy chain multiple speakers together to increase the amount of sound coming out of your PMP.