Megan Thee Stallion’s favorite app is Pinterest, obviously

It actually makes sense that in an era of oversaturation, people would escape to a more quiet and rather peaceful corner of the internet to dream once more.  

Pinterest rolls out its ‘body type ranges’ tool to the US

Pinterest announced today that its tool for filtering searches by different body types has officially rolled out to users in the U.S. The platform started experimenting with the feature last year and

Pinterest announces a new ad deal with Google as it approaches 500M MAUs

Pinterest announced a new ad deal with Google as the company aims to ramp up its ad revenue. Google is the social platform’s second third-party ad partner after Amazon signed a multiyear deal wi

Pinterest begins testing a ‘body type ranges’ tool to make searches more inclusive

Pinterest is today expanding on its efforts to make its product more inclusive with respect to body type diversity with the test of a new consumer-facing tool that allows users to filter select search

Pinterest’s Gen Z-focused Shuffles app has now inspired a new Pinterest feature

A year ago, Pinterest’s then brand-new collage-making app Shuffles was going viral on TikTok as Gen Z users sought out invites in order to create their own inspirational image boards. Now, that

Pinterest’s new computer vision-powered body type technology to make search more inclusive

Pinterest today announced it’s introducing novel computer vision technology that will use shape, size and form to identify various body types across the more than 5 billion images on its platfor

Pinterest rolls out new teen safety features, including wiping followers from users 15 and under

Pinterest today introduced a series of new safety features aimed at better protecting teens using its service. The features — which include things like private profiles, more control over follow

Pinterest touts Amazon partnership progress, AI in Q2 earnings beat

Popular image pinboarding and shopping inspiration site Pinterest provided an update on its recently announced Amazon partnership and its other efforts around AI during its Q2 2023 earnings this week.

Pinterest is combining Pins and Idea Pins into a single format

As Pinterest further shifts its focus to video content following the development of its video-focused Idea Pins, the company says it will now streamline its tools for all Pin formats into one creation

Pinterest announces multiyear ads partnership with Amazon alongside earnings beat

Pinterest today announced a multiyear strategic ad partnership with Amazon aimed at bringing more brands and relevant products to its platform. The new deal will make the e-commerce giant Pinterest&#8

Pinterest brings on Google Pixel VP to fill chief product officer position

Pinterest announced today its newest hire, Sabrina Ellis, to take on the role of chief product offer. Ellis spent the last 12 years at Google, where she led the work on Google Pixel. Previously, she s

After an investigation exposes its dangers, Pinterest announces new safety tools and parental controls

Following last month’s NBC News investigation into Pinterest that exposed how pedophiles had been using the service to curate image boards of young girls, the company on Tuesday announced furthe

Pinterest expands its Creator Fund for underrepresented groups to five more countries

Pinterest announced today that it’s expanding its Creator Fund for underrepresented groups to five more countries, including Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. The company debuted

Pinterest is testing new ways to shop in Shuffles collages

Pinterest is testing ways to integrate Shuffles collage content into Pinterest, starting with shopping. Shuffles, which is Pinterest’s collage-making app, launched to the general public last Nov

‘Graceful way out’: Investors propose some struggling founders close shop and return funding

Their argument is that some startups simply raised too much, and that at this point a clean, well-planned exit is better than a messy one.

Pinterest is testing a new premium video ad format on its app’s search tab

Pinterest has begun alpha testing a new advertising product that allows brands to reach consumers from a more prominent position within the company’s mobile app. With the “Premiere Spotlig

Pinterest reaches 450 million monthly users, will focus on making videos ‘shoppable’

Pinterest said during its latest earnings call that the service now has 450 million monthly active users globally, a 4% jump year-on-year. The company noted that while the user base in the U.S. and Ca

Pinterest lays off 150 people as a part of its ‘long-term strategy’

Pinterest has made a second job-cutting move within weeks of the first round of layoffs in December. The company has let go of almost 150 employees (representing less than 5% of its workforce), accord

Pinterest shuts down its ‘Creator Rewards’ program

Pinterest has shut down its Creator Rewards program that allowed creators to earn money by creating content around monthly prompts and achieving certain engagement goals. “The Creator Rewards pr

Pinterest launches its collage-making app Shuffles to the general public

Pinterest’s new collage-making app Shuffles is now available to the general public, after entering an invite-only test phase earlier this summer. The app grew in popularity with Gen Z users, who
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