• Google Is Finally Killing Picasa

    Google Is Finally Killing Picasa

    It hasn’t made sense for Google to continue to invest in two separate photo storage and sharing applications, as it has been doing with the newer Google Photos and the dated software Picasa. And now the company is finally going to do something about that: Google announced this morning that it will no longer support the Picasa desktop application as of March 16, 2016. In addition, it… Read More

  • Where Are They Now? Google Acquisition Edition

    Before the whole Alphabet rejiggering, Google acquired tons of companies over the years. Roughly 184, according to Wikipedia. We thought we’d take a few minutes and pluck out a few names you might recognize, but weren’t all necessarily powerhouses on their own, and let you know what’s become of them! Read More

  • Picasa Desktop Users Prompted To Move To Google Photos Backup Instead

    Picasa Desktop Users Prompted To Move To Google Photos Backup Instead

    As part of the transition to Google’s new photo hosting and sharing service, Google Photos, launched this May, users of Google’s older Picasa desktop software are now being prompted to upgrade to Google Photos Backup for saving their images to Google’s cloud storage. The change could signal the beginning of a plan to migrate Picasa users over to the newer Google Photos… Read More

  • Picasa Web Albums Are Almost Dead, Now Redirecting Photo Owners To Google+, Too

    Picasa Web Albums Are Almost Dead, Now Redirecting Photo Owners To Google+, Too

    We’ve known for some time that Google would be transitioning users away from its Picasa photo-sharing service to Google+ Photos, but now that process is nearly complete. Google has begun to redirect users from the old Picasa URL (picasweb.google.com) to Google+ Photos, which currently still offers a way to return to the old Picasa Web Albums interface during this transitional period. Read More

  • First Look At Snapjoy’s iOS App For Photo Viewing. Apple, Take Notice.

    First Look At Snapjoy’s iOS App For Photo Viewing. Apple, Take Notice.

    I told you about a new feature from the Snapjoy team just the other day, but it seems like things are picking up for the small Boulder company. Co-founder Michael Dwan understands the dilemma of keeping all of your photos online and in one place, better than most companies I’ve ever discussed the subject with. It’s that, combined with a beautiful design and comprehensive, yet… Read More

  • How To Move Your Facebook Photos To Picasa (Soon, Google Photos) In A Flash

    How To Move Your Facebook Photos To Picasa (Soon, Google Photos) In A Flash

    I’m sure there’s more than one way to easily transfer your Facebook photos and albums to Google’s Picasa service (which will apparently be renamed Google Photos). If you know of a good method for moving from one to the other, do share it in a comment below, but I would like to highlight one that launched very recently. The aptly named Move2Picasa.com website lets you connect… Read More

  • Google Offers A 16 Terabyte Cloud Drive For $4,096 A Year

    Well, it’s not the mythical Google Drive, but it’s close. For a price. And assuming you only want to store pictures and emails. Google tonight announced that it was drastically slashing prices while at the same time offering more storage pricing options for users of its services. Specifically, while Gmail users currently get about 7 gigabytes for free and Picasa users get about… Read More

  • Picasa Adds Facial Recognition And Geo-Tagging To Its Desktop App

    It took a whole year, but Google is finally adding the facial recognition features you can find in Picasa Web albums to its desktop app. With today’s release of Picasa 3.5, when you add a name tag, it scans your entire photo library and applies that name to every match. If it’s not sure it’s the same face, it gives you the option to apply the tag. To help you tag people… Read More

  • Google Researchers Teach Computers Out How To Recognize Images Of Famous Landmarks

    Image recognition is still one of those things that humans find easy to do but computers keep stumbling over. Some Google researchers published a paper describing progress they are making in teaching computers how to identify famous landmarks, which may eventually be applied more broadly to image search in general. In a blog post, Jay Yagnik, the head of Cmputer Vision Research at Google… Read More

  • Polar Rose Combines Facebook Connect With Facial Recognition Technology To Tag Photos On Flickr

    Polar Rose, a photo tagging startup we wrote about during its private launch, has released a new version of its application that lets you name and tag people in your photos on your Flickr account using your Facebook contacts. Polar Rose will detect people in your photos, let you name the people using your Facebook contact list, and then suggest tags of other photos that include your… Read More

  • Who Has The Most Photos Of Them All? Hint: It Is Not Facebook

    Photo-sharing on the Web keeps getting more popular as people transfer more of their digital photos from their the black holes of their computer hard drives to social networks where their friends and family can actually see them. Although Facebook Photos has emerged as the largest photo-sharing service in terms of users and is one of the fastest-growing of any size, it is still not the largest… Read More

  • Facebook Photos Pulls Away From The Pack

    If Facebook has one standout application it has to be Photos. Measured on its own, it is the largest photo site on the Web. A full 69 percent of Facebook’s monthly visitors worldwide either look at or upload photos, based on comScore data. And more than 10 billion photos have been uploaded to the site. And it’s been pulling away from its competitors. As can be seen in the… Read More

  • Picasa Finally Hits The Mac, Squares Off With iPhoto

    Picasa, the popular free photo management software made by Google, has finally made its way to the Mac. The application has long been noticeably absent on the Macintosh – especially given the fact that it has been available for Linux (which typically lags behind Macs and Windows) since 2006. It’s also a direct competitor to Apple’s long running iPhoto product, which has… Read More

  • Google's Top Ten Products (More Or Less)

    Can you name Google’s top ten products? If you look at how Quantcast ranks Google’s subdomains, you can get a sense of which Google products are the most popular, since they each have their own subdomain. Google’s main search engine tops the list with an estimated 136.6 million unique visitors in the U.S. Then comes Google Maps (36 million), Image Search (31.7 million)… Read More

  • Google's Picasa Moves Onto Flickr's Turf: Adds Ways To Explore Interesting Public Photos

    On the heels of a major upgrade earlier this week that added facial recognition and video-editing features to its Picasa photo management service, Google added a new Explore page today that shows off the most popular public photos uploaded by members. In addition to the featured photos, shown in a 3 X 4 grid, the Explore page also shows the most recent photos uploaded in a slide-show widget. Read More

  • Picasa Refresh Brings Facial Recognition

    In the anticipated release of Google’s new and improved Picasa, the company will offer facial recognition technology to help you identify friends and family in your pictures without requiring you to tag them by-hand each time you see them. Launching at noon PDT today, Picasa’s facial recognition technology will ask you to identify people in your pictures that you haven’t… Read More

  • Google Developing Mac Version Of Picasa, Due To Be Released This Year

    Google’s Picasa photo management software is often regarded by many (particularly Windows users) to be the best basic image editing and management software on the market. Although a desktop app it’s crucially a conduit to Picasa Web Album’s, Google’s challenger to the Yahoo owned Flickr. I was struck this morning as to how prominent the Picasa logo on Google banners… Read More

  • TiVo now handles Photobucket and Picasa streaming

    Your TiVo box added a wee bit o’ usefulness today with the inclusion of Photobucket and Picasa compatibility. You can view your own photos, other people’s photos that you’ve been given the ability to access, and you can also customize photo feeds and view photos that have been tagged with specific keywords. Anyone try this out yet? I’m gonna fire my TiVo up this… Read More

  • Google Picasa Goes Mobile and Goes Local (What?)

    Google rolled out two new features for its Picasa (think Flickr, only by Google) online photo sharing site yesterday, both of which are useful for showing your friends just how crazy and unpredictable your life is. The first allows you to tag your photos with the location of where they were taken. Then, when sharing the photo album online with your friends, they’ll see all the photos on… Read More