"Camera-man": This is what Pentax wants your camera to look like

In October last year, Pentax launched a “robotic” version of their K-x entry level digital camera, a colorful variation of the conventional black model. And today, the same company, presented another “creative” approach, the “Camera-man” [JP]. It’s not a new camera (or a special version of an existing device) but a set of accessories, namely a special 52mm lens cap (which shows a smiley) and a puppet body that needs to be fixed beneath the cap.

As a result, you get the Camera-man. Pentax says there are 100 different design variations for the Camera-man. The main selling points are that the accessories were created by a famous Japanese designer, 100% handmade and only available for a limited amount of time.

I don’t know who’d be interested in turning his or her camera into something like this, which is why in this case it’s not a tragedy the Camera-man is Japan-only. Each design costs $33.