Pentax finally makes its W90 rugged and waterproof camera official

We’ve been looking at leaked pictures of this thing for a week or so, but there wasn’t much to say without the specs and all that. Besides, the leaked picture was just a little too muddy to show off the camera’s tasteful styling. But check this thing out: not only is the W90 waterproof to 20ft and shockproof from 4ft, it’s got a ring of LEDs around the lens to help with low light photos or movies. How come no one else thought of this?

The rest of the specs are pretty much the standard “nice point and shoot”: 12.1 megapixels, 5x zoom, 720p movie recording, 2.7″ 16:9 LCD, HDMI port, image stabilization… the usual fixins. One bonus is the “digital microscope” mode, whereby it can focus on things as close as 1cm away from the lens. To be honest, I think that’s pretty damn cool. Macro is something that’s missing from a lot of pocket-sized cameras. $330 is a kind of a lot of money, though. Just saying.

Honestly, if this thing performs as well as it seems to think it will, it may just be a replacement for the Casio Exilim FC series for my “perfect everywhere camera” recommendation. Looking forward to testing this sucker out.

AHA! More pictures!