Peek raises $80M as its travel experiences software and marketplace business passes $2B in bookings

Travel and tourism are slowly starting to move again in the wake of COVID-19 crashing over the world and sending us to shelter in place. Today a company focused on experiences — museum visits, s

Peek raises $23M and inks partnership with Google in push to digitize travel activities

Peek, a U.S. startup aiming to digitize the travel activities industry, has pulled a $23 million Series B round of financing and uncorked a partnership with Google that will help increase its visibil

Mobile guru Amol Sarva talks about the future of work

Amol Sarva has done some amazing stuff. The founder of Virgin Mobile, Sarva went on to create the Peek email device created back when cheap, ubiquitous mobile devices were nowhere to be found. Now he

Troubled travel startup Zozi gets acquired by Peek

Zozi, the drama-filled travel industry startup whose former CEO recently sued its board, has been acquired by Peek, a rival in the tours and activities business where Zozi also competes. Terms of the

Android co-founder’s new smartphone confirmed to run Android

The new smartphone from Andy Rubin, which will be the debut product of his new company Essential, will indeed run Android for its operating system. It looked that way from the tiny peek at the corner

Knotable Hits iOS So You Can Share Notes Even On A Boat

Sharing notes across the Internet is a surprisingly tough thing to pull off. The big guys like Google can do it, but there are very few streamlined collaboration systems available that work with multi

Travel Activity Startup Peek Raises $5 Million In Funding From Montage Ventures And Others

Aspiration travel startup Peek launched a little more than a year ago to offer up interesting activities for travelers. Since then it’s expanded to 19 different locations and signed up thousands of

Peek Is A Playful Calendar App, From An Ex-IDEO Designer, For People Who Aren’t Forever Busy

Peek is a new (paid) calendar app for iOS that’s aiming to appeal to the social middle ground of people whose lives don’t consist of non-stop meetings from 9 ’til 9. So not a calend

Travel Site Peek Goes Mobile, Launches An iOS App For Booking Aspirational Experiences On The Go

Since <a href="">launching a little more than a year ago</a>, <a target="_blank" href="">Peek</a> is trying to find new ways to help

Aspirational Travel Site Peek Goes International, Adding Activities In London And Paris

Online travel site <a target="_blank" href="">Peek</a> wants to make it easier for people to find interesting things to do in cities that they're traveling to. And now it's extendin

Aspirational Travel Site Peek Hits The East Coast, Adds New York, Miami, And Orlando As Destinations

Online travel site Peek wants to make it easy for users to discover and book experiences in a variety of destinations, so it rolled out services to three new cities -- New York, Miami and Orlando. Use

Aspirational Travel Site Peek Goes UGC, Now Lets Anyone Submit A “Perfect Day”

Peek has rolled out a section of the site just for Perfect Days that are created by the community for cities all over the world. And it's giving users the tools to create their own curated lists of th

The Peek Email Device Goes Open Source

If at first you don't succeed, open source the sucker. <a HREF="">Peek</a> has released an open source version of their Peek Mobile operating system, allowing hackers to

The Brand New Peek 9 Brings Apps, Facebook, Twitter, PeekMaps, RSS, Weather And A Generous Speed Bump

<img src=""><a href="">Just as promised</a>, the Pee

The Peek 9 Launches Tomorrow If You Care Or Not

<img src="">Peek sent out an email today announcing that a new <a href="">Peek</a> will

Peek 9 Is Real, No One Knows What It Is

Big news for people who use Peek devices, although they probably don’t read CrunchGear. There’s a new device being launched tomorrow, with a MSRP of $69.99. Of course, we have no idea what

Latest Peek firmware opens huge security hole and sends SMS, Twitter feeds to the wrong users UPDATE

<img src="">Peek might have a serious problem on its hands. There are widespread reports of users not getting their messages either in a ti

Peek's Project Big Stuff revealed as software update

<img src="">Well this is boring. At least it sounds boring. <a href="">Peek</a> announced a few weeks ba

Peek gets into the spirit and releases BuzzPeek

They did say that the company was working on “big stuff” but we didn’t think it would be this big. Buzz is after all everyone’s favorite social networking communication sharing

Peek has some "big stuff" in the works even though it's short on cash

<img src="">"Big stuff that will blow away folks. Not just an awesome “Peek for Life” promo. But really, truly big stuff. So stay tune
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