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  • ThermalTake’s Dokker PC Case Has A HDD Dock Built Right In

    This is a great idea — I’m trying to think if anyone’s done something similar. Probably not, since it drives up the cost of the case somewhat. Still, it’s a really handy thing to have if you’re the kind of person who has lots of loose drives around. What, they exist! Not all of us can afford nice enclosures for our storage, Mr. Q. Moneybags Reader the Third! Read More

  • NZXT's Vulcan is probably the sweetest Micro-ATX case out there

    I’ve never succumbed to the Micro-ATX temptation, but I can see the draw. Not everyone has room for a full tower under their desk, and not everyone even wants the kind of hardware you generally fill a full tower with. If your graphics card is under a foot long, and your CPU doesn’t need an 8-inch tall cooling apparatus, you might find Micro-ATX to your liking. And with this new… Read More

  • NZXT's Lexa PC case is angular and attractive

    As a general rule, I tend not to like the flashy, semi-transparent, radically-designed PC cases. They’re for the showboats, the pro gamers, and so on. Give me a good steel chassis with lots of noise reduction and I’m set for life. But this one attracts me for some reason. I’m not sure I’d want it in my home, but if I were a showboating pro gamer, I think the Lexa would… Read More

  • Some classy-looking PC cases in latest from Antec

    Antec, perhaps the most popular PC case maker around, has released a couple cases which are actually quite tempting. I see a lot of gaudy cases about, but these, particularly the P183, are understated and classy. They look as if they have plenty of room, too, although it isn’t as adventurous as Corsair’s debut case. Read More

  • Case Mod of the week

    Attention all PC case artists and modders! We want you to send us pictures of your coolest case mod, your most creative lighting job, your best water cooling set up, or whatever else. Send it in and we’ll try to select at least one each week to do a write-up about and interview the creator. Read More

  • Thermaltake, BMW ‘Level 10’ PC case looks like a trendy apartment complex

    Thermaltake and BMW have teamed up to create the “Level 10” PC case, which is on display at the CeBIT conference in Hanover, Germany this week. The case definitely looks interesting, with all the components outside the case yet inside their own compartments. It kind of looks like one of those apartment complexes in a warm climate where the elevators are indoors but the hallways… Read More

  • Awesome folding PC chassis from Asus

    Do they just have an idea machine over there at Asus? This thing is great! Of course, it’s not very often that you have to take all the bits out of your PC case and travel with it separately, but if you did this would be indispensible. It’s mid-tower sized and has room for an ATX motherboard and everything. It’s even got front ports. And it folds flat! This is too much! Read More

  • Antec Skeleton case – verdict: inconvenient

    We saw this Skeleton case from Antec around a while ago, and although I was intrigued, I was also concerned at the design decisions that would have to be made to accommodate its open-air design. Would they nail it or blow it? Unfortunately, according to the thorough reviewers at Hardware Secrets, they blew it. Not only does the case’s fundamental design invite catastrophe in the form… Read More

  • Antec ‘Skeleton’ open-air PC case

    You guys! Look at this thing! It’s the Skeleton, a PC case from Antec unlike any other PC case you’ve ever seen before. At first glance, I mistook it for a little Weber grill. ROFL! It’s not available yet – coming soon, though – and there’s no pricing information, but here are some quick stats to prime your pump. Four drive bays – two external… Read More

  • NZXT's Whisper case: sweet, quiet, and cool full tower

    And I was just beginning to tire of my little mid tower, how convenient. This Whisper case from NZXT is right up my alley. I don’t need portability, or fancy acrylic siding, but what I do need is lots of space and quiet running. And with foam padding all over the inside of this mother and room for nine hard drives in there, I think I should be safe. Hopefully I’ll be able to tell… Read More

  • Update: Antec Nine Hundred Very Quiet

    So yesterday I mentioned a review from XYZ Computing on Antec’s Nine Hundred gaming desktop case. The big black box is loaded with three 120mm fans and one of Antec’s Big Boy 200mm fans, which the site reported, and in turn I did too, as being “not very quiet.” Well, now I’m starting to wonder if XYZ even turned the fans on. Three other reviews make it a point… Read More