NZXT's Vulcan is probably the sweetest Micro-ATX case out there

I’ve never succumbed to the Micro-ATX temptation, but I can see the draw. Not everyone has room for a full tower under their desk, and not everyone even wants the kind of hardware you generally fill a full tower with. If your graphics card is under a foot long, and your CPU doesn’t need an 8-inch tall cooling apparatus, you might find Micro-ATX to your liking. And with this new Vulcan case from NZXT, people won’t even tease you about it.

The external ports look solidly mounted, and I really like that handle (it’s rubberized). If you’re going with Micro, there’s a good chance you’re moving around a lot or going to LAN parties. Sure, there are special case hammocks for carrying around larger cases, but wouldn’t you rather have a handle built right into the chassis?

It’s even got a bottom mounted PSU. I didn’t know if that was possible with a Micro-ATX layout — but the benefits are manifest.There’s a lot of mesh, though, so you’ll really want to avoid noisy components with this thing. Hey, and 70 bucks really isn’t that bad, either.