Post-pandemic shifts means Patch will take co-working to UK small towns and suburbs

It would be fair to say the pandemic has had enormous effects on the world of work, but it has come at a time when other factors were already ongoing. The decline of main-street shopping due to e-comm

The carbon offset API developer Patch confirms a $4.5 million round led by Andreessen Horowitz

Patch, the carbon offset API developer, has raised $4.5 million in financing to build out its business selling customers a way to calculate their carbon footprint and identify and finance offset proje

Andreessen Horowitz could make the carbon offset API Patch its latest climate bet

The early-stage carbon offset API developer Patch could be another one of Andreessen Horowitz’s early bets on climate tech. According to several people with knowledge of the investment round, fo

What CISOs need to learn from WannaCry

In 2017 — for the first time in over a decade — a computer worm ran rampage across the internet, threatening to disrupt businesses, industries, governments and national infrastructure across sever

The Patch Layoffs Are Not Surprising

Today’s Patch layoffs are unfortunate, especially in the current media market. They are not, however, surprising. Patch wasn’t profitable, and despite AOL’s firm promises, never foun

Patch Hit With Sweeping Layoffs As New Owner Hale Global Restructures

The ax came down at Patch today. TechCrunch has confirmed that a number of Patch employees were let go this morning with another round of layoffs happening later today. We're hearing hundreds were lai

Update: AOL Says Its Hyperlocal News Network Patch Is Not Closing

Update: AOL says implications that Patch is closing down are inaccurate. A New York Times article stated that AOL is reportedly planning to "dismantle Patch or perhaps sell it off to various partners,

Leaked Revenue Figures Illustrate Need For Hundreds Of Patch Layoffs

Yesterday I <a href="">ran estimates</a> on Patch's revenue, yielding the point that, given the s

Inside Patch’s Leaked Revenue Numbers And Its Hunt For Profitability

Patch, AOL’s hyperlocal news project, is undergoing steep layoffs as it aims for profitability by the end of the year. Leaked memos detail Patch’s revenue both in its lower reaches, and wh

Patch Lay-Offs To Start Today, 40% Of Jobs Reportedly Cut Adding Up To Roughly 400 Employees Let Go

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong held another conference call for Patch employees today, and after what was likely the worst week to be working at the hyper-local news venture following the previous all-hands ca

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong Apologizes For Brutally Firing Employee During Patch All-Hands Call

After a call with the AOL-owned Patch team included the public firing of Patch Creative Director Abel Lenz last week, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong has issued an internal memo apologizing for the action and p

The Math Behind Patch’s Deep Cuts And AOL’s Larger Content Division

Today AOL confirmed that Patch will <a href="">close hundreds</a> o

Armstrong Confirms “Hundreds” Of Layoffs At Patch, 400 Sites Shuttered Or Partnered Off, And A New CEO

We reported yesterday that <a href="">AOL's hyper-local news service would lose hund

AOL To ‘Impact’ Hundreds Of Patch Employees Friday In A Bid For Hyper Local Profits

Patch, AOL’s hyper-local news effort, will lose up to 550 employees this Friday, according to a local editor at the group. Hundreds of sites in the network are expected to close in the process.

AOL’s Hyperlocal Effort Patch Misses $40M-50M Sales Target, Partly Because Of Sandy, Still Aiming For Profitability In 2013

<a href="">AOL's Q4 earnings today</a> saw that company (which owns TechC

Aol’s Patch Taps Ad Tech Startup PaperG To Boost Local Ad Sales In Over 100 Markets

Traditional publishers and fledgling digital publications alike are trying to find the best ways to monetize their content on the Web and take advantage of the benefits offered by hyperlocal content a

Group Buying Site BuyWithMe Snags EVP Away From AOL

Our parent company <a href="">AOL</a> is having a <a href="">r

As 2012 Election Season Ramps Up, AOL's Patch Will Launch 33 Sites In 'Key' Primary States

<img src="" class="shot2">In its last <a href="">earnings report</a>, AOL

AOL, Patch Team Up With Slew Of Journalism Schools For PatchU Project

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">AOL</a> and its <a href="

Fwix Shifts From Local News To Places: "We Are Automating Patch"

<img src=""> For the past two years, <a href="">Fwix</a> has been building a <a href="
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