The yardstick for measuring performance has changed, but changing startup performance standards mean that we need a new baseline for ‘fast growth.’

As growth becomes more elusive, a new set of software product benchmarks emerges

Parabola, a San Francisco-based startup that uses AI to help expedite back-office processes, particularly in the logistics and e-commerce sectors, today announced that it raised $24 million in a Series…

Workflow automation startup Parabola raises $24M

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Why more startups are getting compliant

Becoming and staying compliant can be a pain for startups, but several well-funded companies are hoping to help make it both easier and more meaningful.

1:15 pm PST • February 8, 2023
Why more startups are getting compliant

“It’s not either usage-based or subscription pricing,” VC firm OpenView wrote in its second State of Usage-Based Pricing report. These hybrid approaches call for new tools, but which ones?

Does usage-based pricing call for a new growth infrastructure stack?

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Usage-based pricing is rising, but not replacing other models

Today we’re unpacking OpenView’s second State of Usage-Based Pricing report.

12:00 pm PST • February 2, 2023
Usage-based pricing is rising, but not replacing other models

As more SaaS companies adopt product-led growth, startup founders are often faced with a pricing model dilemma.

Freemium or free trials: Why not both?

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What’s the right NDR target for SaaS startups?

Net dollar retention matters, and investors, focused on more efficient growth than last year, are likely putting more emphasis on the metric.

8:45 am PST • November 8, 2022
What’s the right NDR target for SaaS startups?

OpenView’s 2022 SaaS benchmarks report comes from an annual survey of SaaS companies, with 660 global respondents. The mood has changed since its 2021 report.

New data shows how SaaS founders have been dealing with whiplash from public markets

Here’s another sign of the times: Free tiers are becoming less generous.

It’s not just you: The freemium bar is shifting

It’s not just in fintech that API solutions are on the rise — and helping solve a great range of problems.

The rise of API-first companies, in fintech and beyond

Black Friday is typically a big SMS day, but Memorial Day was the company’s largest SMS sending day this year with between 30 and 40 million texts sent.

Postscript takes in $65M so Shopify merchants can send more personalized texts to customers

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As investors focus more on profitability, product-led startups may be sitting pretty

The consensus is that now is a good time for the type of lean growth that product-led growth (PLG) can achieve.

8:00 am PDT • June 7, 2022
As investors focus more on profitability, product-led startups may be sitting pretty

Learn more about OpenView’s annual Financial & Operating Benchmarks report, which looks into numbers and best practices behind top of class SaaS performance.

SaaS in 2021: How prodigious growth changed the startup landscape permanently

As machine learning becomes a more integral part of running businesses, the model-building process still requires iteration and experimentation. Comet has created an entire platform to get models from idea…

MLOps startup Comet nabs $50M Series B just six months after raising its A

It’s fair to say that this week’s top story is located at the crossroads of growth marketing and software development.

Should your company be using a flexible pricing model?

Cargo ships are stacked up outside ports, and empty shipping containers are in short supply, as are the truck drivers who would take them to market. This is not the…

TechCrunch+ roundup: Holiday marketing tips, low-cost NFTs, SaaS sprawl study

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Why more SaaS companies are shifting to usage-based pricing

Has usage-based pricing gone mainstream? Out of nearly 600 SaaS companies surveyed, 45% said they are using this flexible pricing model, up from 34% in 2020.

3:01 am PDT • November 4, 2021
Why more SaaS companies are shifting to usage-based pricing

Once the path less traveled, bootstrapping today has become a much more viable and common approach to building a startup. By not taking venture capital dollars early, bootstrapping can force…

Timing your bootstrap with Calendly’s Tope Awotona and OpenView’s Blake Bartlett at TC Early Stage

This morning OpenView Venture Partners announced that it has closed $450 million for its new, sixth fund. The capital pool is its largest to date, coming in at roughly 50%…

OpenView Venture Partners raises $450M for sixth fund, its largest to date

Buildkite, a Melbourne-based company that provides a hybrid continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform for software developers, announced today that it has raised AUD $28 million (about USD $20.2…

Melbourne-based CI/CD platform Buildkite gets $28 million AUD Series A led by OpenView

Cybersecurity asset management startup Axonius has raised $20 million in its second round of funding this year. Venture capital firm OpenView led the Series B, joining existing investors in bringing…

Axonius, a cybersecurity asset management startup, raises $20M in Series B

Boston has regained its longstanding place as the second-largest U.S. startup funding hub. After years of trailing New York City in total annual venture investment, Massachusetts is taking the lead…

Boston-area startups are on pace to overtake NYC venture totals

uSamp (short for United Sample), an Internet panel company with offices in Los Angeles, India, Connecticut and London, this morning announced that it has closed a $10 million Series C…