• Casio plans to enter the OLED game

    OLED can still pretty much be considered a thing of the future, but we’re getting closer to use the technology in our homes every month. Today, Casio Computer announced [JP] it has teamed up with Tokyo-based technology company Toppan Printing to develop and produce OLED panels. The new joint venture will start operations from April 2010, with both companies involved saying… Read More

  • Mitsubishi's modular Diamond Vision OLED system demoed

    OLED has had issues gaining traction mainly because of the cost of manufacturing large screens. People like large screens. That’s the fact, jack. Anyway, Mitsubishi has developed a system that seems like it would help. It uses small, modular panels that can be combined to make a screen of nearly any size or shape. The system is intended for outdoor advertising, but if it matures enough… Read More

  • OLED TV shipments to increase 200% by 2015, but to remain a small niche market

    You would be hard pressed to find an OLED TV in any brick and mortar retailer besides the Sony Store right now. The technology is amazing, but they just aren’t available yet and that might not change soon according to a iSuppli report. The TVs are too small and the prices are too high to gain any real traction. But, as we all know, that will change as the display tech evolves. Read More

  • Sony Flexible OLED display on display at CEATEC

    Sony, and just about everyone else, has been fooling around with OLEDs for quite some time, and they’re starting to come up with some pretty clever applications of the technology. Flexible OLEDs have been in the news this year, and Sony’s getting into that game, too. In this short video we see a 0.2mm thin OLED display being gently bent back and forth, while actively showing content… Read More

  • Hyundai goes nuts with OLED screens

    Hyundai? Pretty please bring OLED screens to the automotive world. It doesn’t have to be as futuristic as the dashboard in the Blue-Will concept car, but OLEDs are just so nice. Ford is already using LCD screens in its latest hybrids, but why not up the game a bit, and do something radical? Please? Read More

  • Sony delays OLED TVs, the world weeps

    OLED TVs were in major attendance at this year’s CES. Afterall, Sony declared that 2009 was going to be their year. But apparently the marketing flacks and bean counters are on difference softball teams because the thin TVs have been delayed because of Sony’s huge profit loses. Read More

  • Rugged LG AMOLED displays withstand hammer blows

    Thank god they’re finally making some strong screens. I have to replace my display every single time I hit it with a hammer — that’s unacceptable! LG’s display, shown here, was being hit repeatedly by a mallet during a demo at Computex. The simpler construction of an OLED display means it can be more robust to physical abuse. Now you can throw that Wiimote all you want! Read More

  • OLED display-camera combo may have sci-fi-ish applications

    This is a great idea: fit tiny photodiodes between the pixels of an OLED display. We know OLEDs can get very transparent, so these could be used in something like an head-mounted display that tracks the position of your eyes. There’s still a lot of engineering and imagineering to be done, but it does seem like a really great way to take advantage of the microscopic gaps in a display. Read More

  • Futuristic OLED bracelet will make you look like a Halo fighter

    New Jersey-based Universal Display and LG are showcasing a futuristic OLED display that can be worn like a wrist watch at the SID Display Week 2009. The bendable color display has been jointly developed by the two companies. Read More

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