Sony delays OLED TVs, the world weeps


OLED TVs were in major attendance at this year’s CES. Afterall, Sony declared that 2009 was going to be their year. But apparently the marketing flacks and bean counters are on difference softball teams because the thin TVs have been delayed because of Sony’s huge profit loses.

To summarize the subscription-only WSJ article the TVs have been delayed because of both the manufacturing cost and that Sony will lose money on the thin screen TVs. The original Sony OLED still sells for $2500 and it’s only a 11-inch screen. The examples at CES this year were a lot larger, but there wasn’t a MSRP anywhere to be seen. What Sony needs right now is mass-market, profitable TVs and that’s not OLED’s game.

But hopefully OLED TVs don’t go down the same vaporware path like SEDs. Samsung hasn’t announced any cuts in its OLED aspirations. Hopefully one day there will be a whole shelf of OLEDs at Best Buy and Walmart.