AT&T's Duo official today

The Pantech Duo (aka It’s-not-the-ocean) has been officialized today by AT&T. The Windows Mobile 6 smartphone is a true world phone, and will work in most countries supporting GSM. Like the

THE Helio Fin Review

What’s the old saying, ‘thin is in’? Yeah, that sounds about right. Who likes a fatty, anyways? And who the h-e-double hockey sticks wants a clamshell? I need QWERTY like a crack whore needs, we

Helio Officializes the Fin, Thinnest Flip in North America

We’ve been hearing rumors, and today we find they’re true: Helio‘s got a new phone, it’s called the Fin. Which rhymes with thin, as in what the phone is.

We Love the Idea of Opera Mini on Helio's Ocean

We love it when a device has an enthusiastic following. We love it more when that following comes up with badass ways to hack said device. And we love it when said enthusiastic following hacks said fa

Helio Launches Mail For Microsoft Exchange Beta

Oh happy day! Helio officially released Mail for MS Exchange last night into beta, so all the business-user-haters can quit their griping. All Ocean owners with an All-in account will be privy to the

Verizon Pioneers MMS Uploading…NOT!!!

Verizon may be able to call themselves the most reliable voice and data network in the country, but they’re certainly not the first to allow users to upload videos to YouTube via MMS . The fact that

Helio UP Getting UPped at Midnight

Helio users are lucky people. Besides not being nickel and dimed to death with extra charges that don’t actually cost the carriers anything, they get badass handsets like the Ocean that do prett

Helio Ocean Graffiti Hotness

I’m a Sidekick 3 fanboy through and through, but Helio is definitely making its case. I’ve had an Ocean for a few weeks now and I’ll admit that I love it. The GPS feature is hot and it definitel

Helio Ocean Now Available

Just a quick heads-up: The Helio Ocean became available for purchase as of midnight EST. Those wishing to purchase the new device right this instant, visit Helio.com or call 1-888-88-HELIO . If, howev

Helio Ocean: The Review

The Helio Ocean marks a sea change in the evolution of MVNOs. Previously allotted for a limited demographic, the Ocean signals a significant market expansion for the cellco youngster Helio . Aimed dir

Helio Ocean Quick Look

I’m not feeling very well today but I wanted to slap together this video of the Ocean as compared to other smartphones I had around the house. Take a gander.

Helio Ocean First Impressions

Are you ready for some red hot unboxing action? I know you are. The Ocean from Helio hits the streets later this week but which girlish, excitable bloggers got it first? CG, that’s who. Here are

Helio Ocean TV Ad: Awwww… Cute!

A video for Helio’s upcoming Ocean smartphone. It’s definitely a far cry from those damn “It’s not a phone, momma!” commercials. Good on ya, Helio.

Helio Ocean Drops May 21st

This could be my next phone unless the Blackberry 8320 comes out first or I’ll just get both. Anyways, the BGR has insider info on the Helio Ocean, which I think could be the company’s sav

Helio Ocean: Hello, Nurse!

and I am glad to say that the Ocean is all that and a bag of chips. The device is smaller than a Sidekick 3 and has a number of unique features including GPS photo tagging, consolidated messaging and

Helio Ocean: Don't Call it a Messaging Phone With Keyboard and Keypad

Hot on the tail of the Helio Heat comes the Helio Ocean. This messaging phone, aka the Pantech PN-810, folds out to a keyboard in messaging position and slides to reveal a keypad in phone position. It