They caught the dudes that cut the undersea cables

sucka Actually, let’s be fair — there could be some dudettes involved too. At any rate, two of the recently-severed undersea cables have been accounted for, as authorities in Dubai have impounded two ships that were caught by satellite photos taken directly over the cables at the time they were cut.

According to PC Pro,

“The MV Hounslow and MT Ann have both been detained by the Dubai Port Trust, although reports from authorities suggest that one of the ships has now been released after paying ‘huge’ damages.

The ships were caught after the owner of the affected cables, Reliance Globalcom, tracked down satellite images from the time of the damage to check for suspects. These were then passed on to authorities.

Conspiracy theories abounded on the internet in the weeks following the incidents, with bloggers blaming the cuts on everything from various governments, terrorist groups and sea-monsters.”

Oh sure, throw bloggers under the bus. It’s not like we here at CrunchGear said there were five cables that may or may not have been part of some conspiracy involving either abandoned anchors or sharks, but definitely not ships. Puh-lease.