• MTMini: Even cheaper multi-touch

    Now that everyone is on the multi-touch bandwagon new systems are popping up all over. Seth Sandler’s solution is fairly ingenious. It uses a piece of paper and a camera to create a camera-based multi-touch interface. All you need is a box, a webcam, and some graph paper and he even includes the demo and application source code. The system can be used to demo multi-touch functionality or… Read More

  • Provoke, designers for Nokia, show off odd proto-phones

    ThumbReport, a site dedicated to destroying the English language even more than we have posted some video of “future” phones at NY Design Week by Provoke Design. The first one “expresses your mood with illumination.” Then we have the “Feel” which allows you to feel the touch of your loved one, provided your loved one is encased in plastic and has a… Read More

  • T-Mobile delays Nokia duo, drops Motorola, slashes prices

    It’s been nine months since Nokia announced the 5310 and 5610 music phones and now the rumor going around is that T-Mobile has delayed their launch here in the US. I actually can’t recall when these were supposed to launch, but the 5310, which comes in red, orange and purple will see an early June launch while the 5610 won’t show up till early July. Motorola was slated to… Read More

  • Video: Italians fondle Nokia N96 for 10 whole minutes

    I’m not going to watch this whole thing, but the N96 sure looks purdy. It better be since takes an entire 10 minutes to profess its love for the upcoming Nok. Read More

  • Video: Nokia 6600 groped

    This video review by NokNok is fairly comprehensive and gives a great overview of the 6600 clamshell by Nokia, despite the cheese-y music. Anyone else diggin on the hinge? I can’t believe I just admitted that. Read More

  • Rumor: Nokia's E71 to drop Thursday

    Nokia’s E71 is a big mystery, like my love life: we know it exists, but it hasn’t surfaced yet, and we know it’s coming, we just don’t know when. That being said, rumors are now pointing towards both happening on May 8, just two days away. This is a high-end smartphone with ultra-high-end features, like an autofocus camera, super-fast 3G data, GPS, and WiFi, all in… Read More

  • More Nokia cellphones on the way for America

    Nokia plans to release lots more cellphones here in the U.S. in the next “few months.” Seeing as though Nokia makes some fairly decent phones, that’s not bad news at all. Nokia, which is based in Finland, sells 40 percent of phones globally, but its lack of CDMA love has lead to a smaller numbers here since CDMA is still in use by the likes of Verizon Wireless and Sprint. Oh… Read More

  • The May 1 Meet-up Ovi Stream, Courtesy of Nokia Here are some initial shots of the CrunchNetwork May 1 meet-up — an event, I might add, that went off without a hitch. The attendees enjoyed fine beverage, a real Rock Band band made up of members of the Harmonix team, which… Read More

  • Live feed from the CG Party with Ovi Thanks to Nokia for hooking us up with this cool Ovi channel for the event displayPres(470,346,””,”O8gzGP0mKIU%3d”); Read More

  • Nokia drops a trio of mid-range, slick phones

    Three new phones to Nokia today, including two that are apparently a variant on the same model. The 6600 Fold is similar to the 6600 Slide, except that it’s a clamshell instead of a slider, as the names would imply. They’re not identical though, as one would assume from the model number. The slide has a 2-Megapixel camera, OLED screen, 3G connectivity and a flash. The Fold has… Read More

  • Nokia N810 WiMAX edition priced like we told you a month ago

    We told you how much it would be a month ago, but some people just don’t listen. We’re off by a few dollars, but we were correct in our initial claim. I don’t understand how it’s already sold out, though. Are there that many people in Chicago and DC that want this thing? I guess I’d buy one if I were in an active WiMAX market. Read More

  • Trolltech's QT, Ubuntu coming to Nokia Internet tablets

    I’m a fan of the Nokia 800-series Internet tablets, and Nokia is making effort to keep them current. It recently bought Trolltech and is in the process of finalizing the purchase. Trolltech makes the QT applications platform that many devices use, and Nokia is no doubt planning on bringing QT to the N810 and perhaps future tablet devices. What’s also notable is Nokia is working… Read More

  • 3G UMA Nokia headed to T-Mobile?

    Based on previous rumors surrounding T-Mobile’s upcoming 3G launch comes news of a six-band Nokia passing FCC compliance testing that runs on WCDMA and has UMA capabilities. That 3G launch has got to be close, I can feel it. Read More

  • Spike Lee finally loses last marble, plans on filming documentary with Nokia cameraphones

    Spike Lee is making a feature-length film shot entirely on cellphones. In this, the day when anyone can own a hi-def camera and make decent looking cinema, Lee is taking it down a notch. No, this is down, like, 23 notches, at least. And maybe a rung. He’s an Oscar nominated director, and his idea is to “democratize” film making. He’s partnering with Nokia who will… Read More

  • Renault + Nokia = Nokia Car for Brazil

    Renault, a car maker from France that nobody in America cares about, is partnering with Nokia for a special Nokia-branded Renault car for Brazil, where Nokia is quite popular. The car will feature built-in Nokia communication gear as well as GPS and other technology. They’re a special edition, only 1000 will be made, and will retail for about $27,810. Read More

  • Nokia's 'Comes With Music' signs another major label

    First it was Universal, then EMI expressed interest, and now Sony BMG has hopped aboard Nokia’s “Comes With Music” bandwagon. The basic idea is that certain Nokia devices will include unlimited music downloads for a year. At the end of the year, you’ll apparently be able to keep everything you’ve downloaded and transfer it to your computer and new Nokia… Read More

  • Nokia's 5320 and 5220 are some hot-looking media candybars

    Nokia has dropped some phones. The pictures above are the 5220 – the 5320 isn’t as cool-looking, but sports 3G and "Web 2.0 access," of which I am inexpressibly skeptical. It’s expandable to 8GB of room for music, and also can be used in landscape mode for games, though I fail to see how that works, as there are no buttons by the screen. Both are of the… Read More

  • Nokia's 6212 supports NFC

    Nokia has announced the 6212, which features Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The NFC technology is designed for simple and intuitive interaction between devices. In the case of the 6212, you can do things like tap two phones together to transfer contact information and other data, or make purchases by storing your personal data in the device and swiping it over a surface. Nokia… Read More

  • David Blaine's going to make the continents magically reunite?

    I periodically check a Blaine fan blog to see if he’s performed any magical madness lately. He hasn’t, but the blogger writes that Blaine is supporting Pangea Day. My first question is what the heck is Pangea Day? Second, how’s he gonna make the 300 million year old puzzle of a landmass fit together? I’ve seen the guy. He’s wiry. For the magically uninclined… Read More

  • First good image of Nokia's Tube show up on the Nets

    Here we have it, Nokianauts, the first official image of the Nokia Tube. Is that a forward facing camera I see? I hope so! The Tube, or 5800, is Nokia’s touch-sensitive answer to the iPhone. We’ve been seeing leaked photos for awhile, but now we know that they were right on. We still don’t know much about the device, but one thing we can tell from this image is that the… Read More