Facebook says it “disagrees” with the New York Times’ criticisms of its device-integrated APIs

Facebook has responded to a New York Times story that raises privacy concerns about the company’s device-integrated APIs, saying that it “disagree[s] with the issues they’ve raised about the

Supreme Court allows states to legalize sports betting, opening floodgates for online gambling profits

Whoever had the over on DraftKings‘ boss Jason Robins and FanDuel chief executive Matt King being given a potential billion-dollar windfall by the Supreme Court’s decision to allows sports

Mobile money-saving app Qapital raises $30 million to spend on growth

Qapital, one of a slew of mobile applications trying to make it easier for users to save money (and spend it more wisely), has raised $30 million in fresh financing as it expands beyond savings to off

Is America’s national security Facebook and Google’s problem?

Jamie Metzl Contributor Share on Twitter Jamie Metzl is a Senior Fellow for Technology and National Security at the Atlantic Council. More posts by this contributor Homo Sapiens 2.0? We need a species

Twitter blames human error after blocking a New York Times account over the weekend

Over the holiday weekend, The New York Times found that one of its Twitter accounts had been locked. @nytimesworld was frozen for a full 24 hours over an innocuous tweet about a story in which Canadia

Mark Thompson, CEO and president of The New York Times Company, to talk shop at Disrupt

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Mark Thompson, CEO and president of The New York Times Company, is heading over to Disrupt NY. We're thrilled to have Thompson on our stage to discuss t

The NYT brings its news – and a mini crossword – to Snapchat Discover

The New York Times announced today it’s joining Snapchat Discover – the feature in Snapchat which includes updates and news from a variety of media publications. The paper’s “

Uber responds to the New York Times article about how it psychologically manipulates drivers

Uber is on the defensive after the New York Times reported that it manipulates drivers using techniques from behavioral science in order to reduce costs and increase corporate growth. The company did

A single typo may have tipped the election

Among the many exasperating lapses detailed in the New York Times' lengthy report on Russia's apparent interference with the 2016 election, one in particular stands out — the scale of its repercussi

With NYT’s new The Daily 360, Samsung looks to jumpstart everyday VR

There’s nothing quite so quotidian as getting caught up with the day’s news, which is probably why the New York Times’ new The Daily 360 project has such strong support from Samsung.

You can now get daily election updates on Messenger, with NYT Politics’ new chatbot

If you can’t get enough presidential election news – that is, you’re some kind of glutton for punishment – there’s now a new way to get automated updates with the latest

No, Palo Alto isn’t going to ban coding

A report in The New York Times on a culture clash taking place in Palo Alto set off a bit of speculation as to the possibility of "a ban on coding," as the article put it. Well, don't worry. That's no

New York Times journalists reportedly targeted by Russian hackers

The FBI is reportedly looking into hacking attempts against U.S. journalists that may have been orchestrated by Russian intelligence services. New York Times journalists were among those targeted, CNN

News Digest App “NYT Now” Drops Subscription Pricing, Offers Brand Sponsorships Instead

The New York Times said today it's ditching the paid subscription model for its mobile app NYT Now, after failing to convert a significant number of mobile users to subscribers. The app, which prev

NYT Up To Nearly 800K Paid Digital Subscribers, Plans New Food And Opinion Apps

The New York Times is crowing about a quarterly rise in revenue today, and that comes thanks to increases in both print and digital ad revenue. Digital subscriptions saw some of its strongest growth

NYT Now Is The Grey Lady’s First Step Into Native Ads On Mobile, Dedicated Mobile Editors

"All the News That's Fit to Print" was a viable business model for many years for the <a target="_blank" href="">New York Times</a>, but these days, as newspaper costs rise and r

Uncoverage Hopes To Crowdfund Investigative Journalism, Because Newspapers

Israel Mirsky likes to give the following analogy about the role of journalism in a democracy: a free society can only function if it has a strong immune system. Investigative journalists serve as the

Apple Reinvents Its Wheel With iOS 7, Takes Developers Along For The Ride

Today brings the release of the most dramatic iOS update that Apple has ever made. More people will experience this change in a shorter period of time than at any point in computing history. “Me

Syrian Electronic Army Apparently Hacks DNS Records Of Twitter, NYT Through Registrar Melbourne IT

The Syrian Electronic Army has claimed responsibility for hacking the domain name servers of  two of Twitter’s sites, and a third appears to have been redirected to servers hosted by the SEA. I

NYT Resorts To Bypassing DNS Servers Amid Potential Hacking, WSJ Drops Its Paywall To Capitalize

According to statements from a spokesperson, the New York Times may have been hacked, resulting in the loss of access for many customers. Specifically, it appears that the attack has resulted in the r
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