• [Confirmed] NYTimes: All The News That’s Fit To Post (And Tweet) In China. NYT Chinese Site, Weibo Account Spotted

    [Confirmed] NYTimes: All The News That’s Fit To Post (And Tweet) In China. NYT Chinese Site, Weibo Account Spotted

    Looks like The New York Times’ groundbreaking, paywalled deal with Flipboard was yesterday’s news: today comes another development for the Grey Lady and how she is working hard to leverage social media for the next stage of growth. The New York times appears to be preparing for a launch of a NY Times China website tomorrow, and in the lead-up to that it has created its own account… Read More

  • Do You Subscribe To NYT On Your Kindle? You Can Now Access For Free

    There are so many ways to get around the New York Times paywall (or, as someone called it when it debuted, its pay fence) but if you subscribe to the NYT on your Amazon Kindle, you are now “entitled to complete online coverage of breaking news, articles, videos, audio clips, multimedia and blogs on” free of charge. Amazon had promised this would be coming, so it… Read More

  • NYT's Q1 Earnings: Digital Advertising Grows 4.5%, 100,000+ Paid Digital Subscribers

    The New York Times Company this morning reported Q1 2011 earnings per share of $.04, compared with $.08 in the same period of 2010. Total revenues decreased 3.6 percent to $566.5 million from $587.9 million. The publisher’s operating profit came in at $31.1 million for the quarter, compared with $52.7 million in the same period of 2010. Approximately three weeks after the global launch… Read More

  • In Baffling Move, The Huffington Post Erects Paywall Solely For NYT Employees

    In a move sure to irk at least two or three people who work for The New York Times, The Huffington Post (owned by AOL, our own masters in some degree of command) has put up a paywall that applies only to NYT employees. In a message to affected potential readers of HuffPost content, founder Arianna Huffington explains that NYT employees can henceforth access only one article for free per month. Read More

  • NYT Updates Its iPhone App With Push Alerts For Breaking News, New Subscription Plan

    The New York Times, struggling to find its place digitally, has just released an iPhone update today, three days before its paywall plan is put into action. Well what’s new? In addition to an interface touch up and the option to swipe between stories, the app now has Recently Viewed items at the top of it’s Sections section, followed in order by Photos and Video, which were not at… Read More

  • NYTimes Paywall Limit To Extend Beyond Google To "All Major Search Engines"

    When the details of the New York Times paywall/fence were announced on Thursday, Times PR representatives told press that it would be placing a five article a day limit on Google referrals, and only Google referrals. This policy has somehow changed over the weekend, as the Times’ Communications Manager Kristin Mason tells me that the five article limit will now extend to “all… Read More

  • Gillmor Gang on iPad 2s

    Gillmor Gang 3.19.11 (TCTV)

    The Gillmor Gang — John Taschek, Danny Sullivan, Robert Scoble, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor — or at lest 4/5ths of them were decked out with iPad 2s. That didn’t prevent the usual argument from breaking out about the New York Times’ pay wall. The Grey Lady announced a social plus subscription model, and @dannysullivan was having none of it. It’s 2011 but the… Read More

  • Dumb, Da, Dumb, Dumb . . . The NYT's Digital Pricing Plan Discriminates By Device

    More details emerged today about the New York Times’ digital paywall, which will go up at the end of March. As far as paywalls go, it’s not terrible. Subscribers to the print edition don’t have to pay anything extra to read online or in mobile apps, links to individual articles from blogs and other news sites won’t be blocked, and the paywall only goes up if you read… Read More

  • All You Need To Know About The Paywall

    The New York Times has just put up more information about its much awaited paywall. The digital subscription model was initially announced in January 2010 as an effort to create a second revenue stream while still preserving the newspaper’s advertising business. As we heard earlier, the subscription plan allows for free access to a set amount of content across digital platforms. When… Read More

  • Exclusive: An Early Look At, The New York Times' Answer To The Daily

    Exclusive: An Early Look At, The New York Times' Answer To The Daily

    Tomorrow, all eyes will be on the launch of News Corp’s iPad newspaper The Daily, but huddled away in a downtown loft in New York City’s meatpacking district a team from betaworks and the New York Times are busy putting together their answer to what an iPad news app should be. The collaboration will be called, and it won’t look anything like The Daily. I know… Read More

  • The Myth Of Serendipity

    Editor’s note: Henry “Hank” Nothhaft, Jr. is the co-founder and CMO of Trapit, a virtual personal assistant for Web content still in private beta that was incubated out of SRI and the CALO project (as was Siri, the conversational search engine bought by Apple). One of the most interesting concepts to emerge in media and tech lately is that of… Read More

  • New York Times To License "DNA" Of Its Mobile Apps To Other Publishers

    As one of the world’s leading media publishers, it’s critical for The New York Times Company to stay ahead of the curve in the digital space, or die trying. Hence, its efforts on the desktop with Times Reader 2.0, as well as its mobile website and multi-platform applications. But the company has now come up with an additional way of deriving (sorely needed) revenues from its… Read More

  • Pinning Down Zynga's Revenues Is Like Playing Pin The Tail On The Bullet Train

    Pinning Down Zynga's Revenues Is Like Playing Pin The Tail On The Bullet Train

    One of the most exciting things to watch in tech these days is various groups’ estimates for Zynga’s revenues. Depending on what you read and on what day, they are all over the map. It’s been that way for a long time too, because the social gaming service is simply growing so fast and monetizing the hell out of their properties. Now that we’re more than halfway into… Read More

  • The New York Times' Net Income Falls 18% As Advertising Slide Halts

    In the first quarter of the year, The New York Times Company announced upbeat earnings results, reporting a profit and growing digital advertising sales, albeit after significantly scaling down costs last year. Earlier this morning, the media company released earnings for the second quarter, and things aren’t looking terrible for them – but not stellar either. The company’s… Read More

  • Wait, Google Is Responding To Algorithm Criticism Behind A Wall?

    The New York Times ran a controversial op-ed piece yesterday entitled “The Google Algorithm.” Basically, the piece wonders if the government shouldn’t step in to control the way Google tweaks its search engine results. Obviously, Google is going to want to respond to that. And now they have. Bizarrely. Marissa Mayer, Google’s Vice President of Search Product and… Read More

  • NYT Bans The Word Tweet “Outside Of Ornithological Contexts”

    Too funny. According to The Awl, The New York Times standards editor Phil Corbett yesterday reportedly sent out a memo (below) to NYT writers asking them to severely cut down on the use of the word ‘tweet’ outside of “orrnithological contexts”. It appears to be a myth, but a funny one at least. Corbett has been overseeing language issues for the paper’s newsroom… Read More

  • BanxCorp Files Antitrust Complaint Against The NYT, Fox, CNN, Dow Jones, Others

    BanxCorp this morning announced that it has filed a federal antitrust complaint against nine firms, including Dow Jones & Co, Fox News, The New York Times, CNN and MSNBC. The company alleges (PDF) that the nine companies engage in “unlawful per se horizontal market division, customer allocation, and price fixing agreements” with its competitors in the market for bank rate… Read More

  • New York Times Reports Q1 Profit, Digital Ad Revenues Now 26% Of Total

    After significantly scaling down costs, The New York Times Company this morning announced upbeat Q1 2010 results, reporting a profit and growing digital advertising sales. NYT’s operating profit grew more than fivefold in the first quarter of 2010, to $83.3 million compared with $16.4 million in the first quarter of 2009. Total revenues were down 3.2% in Q1, to $587.9 million from… Read More

  • The New York Times Launches Free iPad App (For Real Now), Paid App On The Way

    We had some fun yesterday for April Fools day, fake-covering the launch of the New York Times iPad app by replacing some words of an article in the paper published back in 1996 upon the launch of its first Website. Now, the company has introduced its iPad app for real. It’s free and both advertiser-sponsored and advertising-supported, but there’s also a “full, paid app”… Read More

  • The New York Times Introduces An iPad App

    The New York Times will begin publishing daily on the iPad, offering readers around the world immediate access to most of the daily newspaper’s contents. The New York Times on the iPad, as the electronic publication is known, contains most of the news and feature articles from the current day’s printed newspaper, classified advertising, reporting that does not appear in the… Read More