• Netgear’s Orbi promises home-blanketing WiFi for $400

    Netgear’s Orbi promises home-blanketing WiFi for $400

    Startups like Eero and Luma have built entire companies on betting that your home WiFi situation just flat out sucks. But why look to address dead spots after the fact when you can cut the problem off at the pass with a more robust networking system right out of the box? Whatever configuration you ultimately opt for, the answer is ultimately going to cost you a pretty penny – or 39,999… Read More

  • Netgear’s NeoTV Pro HD Media Streamer Can Throw Your Laptop Content To Your TV… Wirelessly

    Netgear’s NeoTV Pro HD Media Streamer Can Throw Your Laptop Content To Your TV… Wirelessly

    Streaming media players are no joke. In fact, cable has become the joke. Just take a look at this “Shit Silicon Valley Says” video — the first joke is, “are you cancelling cable?” But at the moment, it’s still difficult to do so. You can’t get everything that you could possibly want through a streaming set-top box. The only place you can get… Read More

  • D-Link And OpenDNS To Bring Parental Controls To Your Router

    D-Link And OpenDNS To Bring Parental Controls To Your Router

    Today’s kids have grown up in a world where the internet has always been around, Google has always been there to help, and having a smartphone is the norm. It only follows that they’d be super comfortable with the web, using it just as proficiently, if not more so, than their parents. That’s all well and good, but there’s this one pretty huge problem: the internet… Read More

  • Netgear's New Push 2 TV Wireless Display Extender Peeped By The FCC

    Well well, what have we here? An unreleased product from Netgear that lets you wirelessly push your computer’s display signal to an HDTV? Yes, I believe that’s it. This little guy just showed up at the FCC, manual and all, and I’m guessing they’re going to be showing it off at CES. It’s a little wireless adapter that uses Intel Wireless Display to make extending… Read More

  • Is Roku Making A Client/Server Home Media Streaming Device?

    So this popped up on the FCC website today, and it’s all very mysterious, but it looks like Netgear and Roku may have teamed up to make a streaming media box for the home, not unlike the HP product that was released the other day. The FCC filing shows that the device has HDMI, composite, 802.11 b/g/n, and ethernet connectivity. Of course, this could be something else entirely. Whatever… Read More

  • Netgear ReadyNas Ultra to transform local storage, but it’s not cheap

    New from Netgear, this networked storage isn’t like your networked storage. While is does have all the standard features you’d imagine – redundant drives up to 12 terabytes – the ReadyNas Ultra also offers a multitude of ways to manage and store media files. Click past the jump for more.. Read More

  • Netgear's Universal Wi-Fi Internet adapter is a gift from the gods

    Today’s TVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles, and even AV receivers crave access to the Internet, but most will never get the pleasure of the ‘Net. Why? Because Mom and Pop don’t wanna run a CAT-5 cable through their house and power line adapters are about as reliable as two tin cans connected with string. But now there’s this: Netgear’s Universal Wi-Fi adapter. Read More

  • Review: Netgear Stora

    Short Version: Hard drives that claim to do it all are a dime-a-dozen. Finally, however, I’ve found one that delivers on those claims. Read More

  • Netgear & Ericsson team up, concoct MBRN3300 3G router

    Here’s an interesting fact, if you really stretch the definition of the word “interesting.” Team CrunchGear often used the Novatel MiFi during CES to bring you all that great content. The concept is simple: it takes a 3G signal and then outputs that signal via Wi-Fi. You then connect to the Wi-Fi network. Instant broadband, cell signal depending, for everyone. The same… Read More

  • Netgear releases two powerline solutions just as I bought a powerline solution

    Seriously. I just went and got some powerline stuff because the devices I used for about a year just died over Christmas. I used to be very skeptical of powerline networking solutions but now I’m quite impressed by the speed and reliability. I’m sold! Anyway, Netgear has two new solutions, the Powerline 200 AV and the Powerline 200 AV+. The plus has an extra power outlet on it. Woot. Read More