b8ta unveils Shopify-like solution for retail stores

b8ta, the store founded by Nest alums to sell trendy gadgets, is entering new territory. Today, the startup is launching “Built by b8ta,” which functions as a retail-as-a-service platform

Orbi Outdoor Satellite adds Wi-Fi coverage to your back yard

I'm a big fan of the Netgear Orbi line of mesh access points and now there's more to love. Netgear is now shipping the RBS50Y, a new satellite that is weatherproof and allows you to add coverage to yo

Particle announces the Mesh board, an easy way to make your DIY talk to itself

Particle – which used to be called Spark – has released the third generation of their tiny, networked computing boards. Their new product, called Mesh, allows you to connect either to a W

Netgear is spinning off its Arlo security camera business

Netgear announced this afternoon that it plans to spin off its Arlo wing into a standalone business. The networking hardware giant’s board of directors has unanimously approved the decision and plan

The Netgear ReadyNAS 524X is a data hoarder’s delight

As a member of the Data Generation, I’ve found that my photos, videos, and documents quickly expand to fill their containers. A standard USB drive is quickly replaced by another, larger one whil

Netgear announces two new Orbi routers

I’m a huge fan of Netgear’s Orbi routers. They offer some of the easiest setup, highest speeds, and best coverage of any of the so-called mesh wireless systems including Eero and Luma. Now

Netgear exploit could expose passwords for thousands of routers

It’s time to update your firmware. An exploit that affects a number of Netgear routers can easily give hackers access to your wireless admin password which could lead to router lock-out or, wors

Netgear’s new baby monitoring camera arrives dressed like a bunny

Netgear really likes to show a slide from NPD every time it announces a new Arlo product. It did a few months back when it showed off its new security cameras and it’s doing so again with its lates

Netgear adds an LTE option to its Arlo security camera line

Last month Netgear announced some upgrades to its popular security camera line, turning the Arlo into the Arlo Pro with waterproofing, wireless portability, swappable batteries and two way audio, so y

Netgear’s Arlo security cameras get an upgrade

There’s a certain NPD slide that Netgear likes to point to in all of its press and investor material. It shows the company’s security camera marketshare climbing sharply against the likes of Nest,

Gear to keep you charged and connected at conferences

Editor’s note: This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter, a buyer’s guide to the best technology. This is a condensed version of several Wirecutter guides; you can find links to the fu

Netgear’s Orbi promises home-blanketing WiFi for $400

Startups like Eero and Luma have built entire companies on betting that your home WiFi situation just flat out sucks. But why look to address dead spots after the fact when you can cut the problem of

Netgear’s NeoTV Pro HD Media Streamer Can Throw Your Laptop Content To Your TV… Wirelessly

Streaming media players are no joke. In fact, cable has become the joke. Just take a look at this <a href="">"Shit

D-Link And OpenDNS To Bring Parental Controls To Your Router

Today’s kids have grown up in a world where the internet has always been around, Google has always been there to help, and having a smartphone is the norm. It only follows that they’d be super com

Netgear's New Push 2 TV Wireless Display Extender Peeped By The FCC

<img src="" />Well well, what have we here? An unreleased product from Netgear that lets you wirelessly push your computer's display s

Is Roku Making A Client/Server Home Media Streaming Device?

So this popped up on the FCC website today, and it’s all very mysterious, but it looks like Netgear and Roku may have teamed up to make a streaming media box for the home, not unlike the HP prod

Netgear ReadyNas Ultra to transform local storage, but it’s not cheap

<img src="" />New from Netgear, this networked storage isn’t like <em>your</em> networked storage. While is does have all

Netgear's Universal Wi-Fi Internet adapter is a gift from the gods

<img src="">Today's TVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles, and even AV receivers crave access to the Internet, but most will never get th

Review: Netgear Stora

Short Version: Hard drives that claim to do it all are a dime-a-dozen. Finally, however, I’ve found one that delivers on those claims.

Netgear & Ericsson team up, concoct MBRN3300 3G router

<img src="" />Here's an interesting fact, if you <i>really</i> stretch the definition of the word "interesting." Team CrunchGear often
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