Arlo adds a smart doorbell to its home security offerings

Netgear home security spin-off Arlo just added another key hardware piece to its growing portfolio of connected devices. The Arlo Audio Doorbell is a kind of Ring/Nest (to which it bears a pretty striking resemblance) competitor that sends calls to the homeowner’s smartphone every time someone buzzes the door. Visitors can either talk to the user or leave a voicemail message.

The product runs on two AA batteries (getting around a year of use, according to the company) or can be wired directly into the house’s electrical system.

Interestingly, unlike much of the competition, Arlo didn’t build camera functionality directly into the doorbell. That’s likely, in part, a cost-cutting measure. It also gives users some flexibility. If they do want that functionality, they can pair it with one of the company’s numerous cameras.

It also can be paired with the new Smart Chime accessory, offering a more traditional doorbell experience. You can install as many of those as you want around your gigantic, cavernous home. Both new products arrive in the fall. No price has been announced, but the product should sell pretty briskly, given how successful the rest of the company’s line has proven thus far.