• Thoughts on the #techhearings from my time in Product Safety at Twitter Crunch Network

    Thoughts on the #techhearings from my time in Product Safety at Twitter

    I created the Product Safety and Security Team at Twitter. At different points in time I was responsible for the engineering of tools to mitigate abuse, compromised accounts and the login infrastructure, up to, and including, 2 factor authentication and password reset. I saw first hand the beginnings of the types of actions that are now being discussed in the US Senate at the… Read More

  • Gillmor Gang: Watertown

    Gillmor Gang: Watertown

    The Gillmor Gang — Danny Sullivan, Dan Farber, Kevin Marks, John Taschek, and Steve Gillmor — note the intersection of social and mainstream medias as the events in Boston unfolded in real time. What has been framed as a competition became something more, as Twitter streams, scanner apps, and local news streams meshed with CNN et al. Inspired curation by @dannysullivan produced… Read More

  • The 16-Year Itch: Microsoft, NBC Call It Quits, NBC Gets Custody Of

    The 16-Year Itch: Microsoft, NBC Call It Quits, NBC Gets Custody Of

    They came together with a common worldview and complementary personalities. Then, as they grew older and grew apart, they still tried to make it work — for the sake of the child, at least. Now that that kid is a teenager, they’ve decided now is probably the best time to finally call curtains: After 16 years, Microsoft and NBC are parting ways in their joint news venture, and NBC… Read More

  • Wanting To Be Don Draper Now Gets You Something On GetGlue

    Back in July, when writing about GetGlue’s partnership with HBO, I told CEO Alex Iskold that if they struck a deal to get Mad Men stickers from AMC, I’d be on board. Well, he went out and did just that. So here I am, loading up GetGlue. And AMC is hardly the only new partner that GetGlue is announcing today. Disney, HGTV, Discovery, and, in what may be a first for news… Read More

  • BanxCorp Files Antitrust Complaint Against The NYT, Fox, CNN, Dow Jones, Others

    BanxCorp this morning announced that it has filed a federal antitrust complaint against nine firms, including Dow Jones & Co, Fox News, The New York Times, CNN and MSNBC. The company alleges (PDF) that the nine companies engage in “unlawful per se horizontal market division, customer allocation, and price fixing agreements” with its competitors in the market for bank rate… Read More

  • For The Trifecta: MSNBC Extends Its BreakingNews Brand To Facebook

    Last November, MSNBC acquired the Twitter account @breakingnews, which was started as a basic newswire by Michael van Poppel and gradually grew to 1.4 million followers (it’s now up to over 1.6 million). A month later, MSNBC announced that it had acquired, which has become a web portal for the online newswire. And today, it’s managed to complete the trifecta… Read More

  • MSNBC Having A Bad Friday (NSFW)

    I think it’s safe to assume their Twitter account has been hacked. Update: Yep. Now suspended. Read More

  • MSNBC Picks Up Hyperlocal News Aggregator EveryBlock

    Even though they haven’t really found a big audience yet, hyperlocal news sites are becoming a hot commodity. In June, AOL bought Patch for $7 million, and today MSNBC acquired EveryBlock. EveryBlock was previously funded by a grant from the Knight Foundation, which ended in June. The five employees will now work at MSNBC. The price was not disclosed, but like the Patch acquisition, it… Read More

  • Goes From Cluttered With Information To Cluttered With Pictures is undergoing a major overhaul and redesign of its sites to make them easier to navigate, more visually compelling, faster and more focused on driving users to content. The new home page features a rotating list of top stories on the left, next to the list of the latest and most important headlines. CBS News programs, as well as the latest videos, photo galleries and blogs, are… Read More

  • Inauguration to be shown live at theaters, Starbucks thanks to MSNBC

    Obama’s inauguration is right around the corner and everyone (read: everyone but us) with a media connection is trying to capitalize on what’s sure to be an extremely popular event. MSNBC and Screenvision will show the event live and free in 27 theater covering 21 markets. (register here) Plus, 650 Starbucks in three markets will also show the event live and spearhead a… Read More

  • MySpace Teams With NBC To Continue Citizen Journalist Craze

    Citizen journalism seems all the rage these days, with normal people breaking news to the world with their mobile phones and portable computers. News sites like GroundReport and CNN’s iReport are offering users outlets for their eyewitness stories, and with emerging mobile broadcasting products like Twitter and Qik, we’re only going to see the trend continue to grow. In keeping… Read More

  • MSNBC Quotes Fake Al Sharpton As Real Al Sharpton

    Look what you’ve started, Fake Steve Jobs. In a report on the Michael Vick dog fighting case, MSNBC reporter Alex Johnson mistakenly quoted Fake Al Sharpton as the real Al Sharpton. Read More