Mozilla downsizes as it refocuses on Firefox and AI: Read the memo

After installing a new interim CEO earlier this month, Mozilla, the organization behind the Firefox browser, is making some major changes to its product strategy, TechCrunch has learned. Specifically,

Mozilla Monitor’s new service removes your personal info from data broker sites automatically

Mozilla today is introducing a new subscription service that will help people locate and remove their personal and sensitive information from data broker websites around the web. This includes the abi

What’s next for Mozilla?

For the longest time, Mozilla was synonymous with the Firefox browser, but for the last few years, Mozilla has started to look beyond Firefox, especially as its browser’s importance continues to

Three years after its revamp, Firefox’s Android browser adds 450+ new extensions

For the sliver of the market that opts for Firefox instead of Chrome, the default browser on Android devices, the experience just got better. Firefox maker Mozilla announced today the launch of over 4

Fakespot Chat, Mozilla’s first LLM, lets online shoppers research products via an AI chatbot

Earlier this year, Mozilla acquired Fakespot, a startup that leverages AI and machine learning to identify fake and deceptive product reviews. Now, Mozilla is launching its first LLM (large language m

Why Mozilla is betting on a decentralized social networking future

Consumers are hungry for a new way of social networking, where trust and safety are paramount and power isn’t centralized with a Big Tech CEO in charge… or at least that’s what Mozil

Meta’s Yann LeCun joins 70 others in calling for more openness in AI development

On the same day the U.K. gathered some of the world’s corporate and political leaders into the same room at Bletchley Park for the AI Safety Summit, more than 70 signatories put their name to a

Meet Window Snyder, the trailblazer who helped secure the internet and billions of devices

After the band played Miles Davis’ “Seven Steps to Heaven,” and an effusive introduction from the head of the school, Window Snyder stands in front of a hall filled with around 800 stude

Read-it-later app Pocket now lets you create article lists

Mozilla-owned read-it-later app Pocket unveiled several new features across platforms, including rolling out the redesigned app to iOS and better article-jumping features for Android. However, the sta

Mozilla buys Fakespot, a startup that identifies fake reviews, to bring shopping tools to Firefox

Mozilla announced today that it has acquired Fakespot, a startup that offers a website and browser extension that helps users identify fake or unreliable reviews. The financial terms of the deal were

Mozilla launches a new startup focused on ‘trustworthy’ AI

On the eve of its 25th anniversary, Mozilla, the not-for-profit behind the Firefox browser, is launching an AI-focused startup. Called, the newly forged company’s mission isn’t

Mozilla leads Mastodon app Mammoth’s pre-seed funding

Mammoth, a recently launched Mastodon app that’s trying to make it easier on users who want to join the decentralized social web, has a notable financial backer. The company confirmed that its l

Popular Android apps’ Play Store privacy labels don’t match up to their claims, Mozilla says

Google added privacy nutrition labels for apps on the Play Store last April, bringing more transparency to its Android marketplace in response to Apple introducing similar stringent rules. These label

Firefox for Android gets extension for listening to articles and hiding email addresses

Mozilla has added three new extensions for its Android web browser. Firefox only has a limit set of extensions on Android, and today’s new extensions add features and improve privacy. These exte

Mozilla revamps its read-it-later app Pocket with new tabs and curated recommendations

Pocket, a popular read-it-later app acquired by Mozilla in 2017, is rolling out two major changes to its mobile reading experience, as it faces new competition from startups like Matter and open sourc

Mozilla acquires Active Replica to build on its metaverse vision

An automated status updater for Slack isn’t the only thing Mozilla acquired this week. On Wednesday, the company announced that it snatched up Active Replica, a Vancouver-based startup developin

Mozilla acquires the team behind Pulse, an automated status updater for Slack

Firefox developer Mozilla is making a rare foray into the world of mergers and acquisitions, with news that it has snapped up recently shuttered California-based productivity startup Pulse. Terms of t

For $20 a month, you can host meetings in Mozilla’s mini metaverse

Mozilla’s Hubs offering has been kicking around for several years now. Lucas described a 2018 preview of the service thusly, “It’s not Second Life, or even Facebook Spaces; it’s pretty low-key

KaiOS, the feature phone platform startup, raises a modest $3.4M to train its sights on growth in Africa

Smartphone shipments have been declining in what has been a rough year for mobile handsets, and that’s meant even more pressure on an already-precarious sliver of the mobile market: feature phon

Mozilla looks to its next chapter

Mozilla today released its annual “State of Mozilla” report and for the most part, the news here is positive. Mozilla Corporation, the for-profit side of the overall Mozilla organization,
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