Monster Cable

  • CEDIAcrunch: Inside Monster Cable's HDMI cable challenge

    Monster Cable setup a mobile test lab at CEDIA this year, challenging any cable manufacturer to a head-to-head battle. Only one attempted to enter, but didn’t see disclaimer that Monster wanted 4m cables or longer in the match up, and that particular maker didn’t have HDMI cables that long. I know what’s yelled whenever a Monster Cable HDMI story comes up… Read More

  • Monster Cable thinks you need special cleaner for your iPhone, camera, cell phone, GPS, and laptop

    ROFL. More Monster Screen cleaner and is there really a need for an iPhone cleaner, along with a separate cell phone cleaner. Really? Come on. LOL. And dedicated GPS screen cleaner? ROFL. On a personal note, my shirt cleans my Blackberry just fine and I didn’t have to spend the $10 bucks for these monster oils. Moving on…. Read More

  • Monster Cable launching GreenPower power centers

    Monster Cable. I know you hate ’em and you’re not planning on reading this post because of that, but these new power centers are kind of neat so I implore you to read on. It’s the hip thing to go green and these latest power centers from Monster Cable will help with that.    The Monster GreenPower IR Control is featured on the remote-control enabled EPIR 2450, EPIR 3650… Read More

  • Monster Deer Block is not made by Monster Cable

    Monster Cable has a history of suing companies with the word ‘monster’ in their name. An indoor glow-in-the-dark mininture golf company named Monster Golf felt Monster Cable’s wrath last May. This time, it’s Denco’s apple or sweet corn flavored Monster Deer Block. Why anyone would confuse an overpriced, AV cable and hunting bait is beyond us. So thankfully… Read More

  • Beats by Dr. Dre quick look

    Monster Cable, the makers of cable, just sent the new Beats by Dr. Dre, a pair of noise cancelling “studio” headphones aimed at the mid-range audio consumer. At $349, these are priced at exactly the same point as the Bose QuietComfort 3, these headphones closest competitor. I’ve been wearing them for the past hour and found them on par with the QC3s in terms of noise reduction. Read More

  • Monster releases updated Outlets To Go power strip with USB port

    It’s no secret that I love my Monster Outlets To Go power strip. It’s the most used gadget in my gear bag no matter where I am. Such a simple device with so many perks like instant friendship with the hot girl waiting at your gate. It won’t get you laid, but you’ll look cool in front of the other nerds. The release isn’t very clear on how many USB ports there are… Read More

  • Monster Cable sues Monster Mini-Golf in Monster lawsuit

    I’m not going to chime in on the big Monster Cable debate — I’ll leave that to the real audiophiles to fight out — but it’s nice to see Monster suing a mini-golf park into submission for riding on their amazing brand recognition. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the name Monster Mini Golf of Warwick, Rhode Island. HDMI cables… Read More

  • Monster Cable sounds as good as wire hangers?

    I’m trying to find the source on this, but someone compared Monster Cable speaker wire to audio run through coat hanger wire and, in a blind listening test, found no noticeable difference. The jury is out on this topic — and gets very enraged when you talk about it — but let’s just say I’m leaning towards the “wire is wire” camp unless you’re… Read More

  • He said, she said: Consumerist vs. Monster Cable — Fight!

    [photopress:24121.jpg,full,left]So the Consumerist published a post about how Monster Cables are overpriced and unnecessary, and don’t really add that much, if anything, to the listening experience. So Monster wrote back, drafting a letter detailing that it’s the retailers who set the very high prices, not Monster. Sadly, Monster doesn’t do any damage to the (true) claim that… Read More

  • Monster Cable introduces plastic tubes

    What’s the best way to deal with having way too many cables running around, tripping you, so that you fall and crunch your teeth together in a bone-jarring bite? Why, make them into one, giant cable, of course! Or so thinks the monsters at Monster Cable, who have put together the Cable•It (their dot, not mine) cable clutter management system. It’s a tube that you run all of… Read More

  • HDMI and You: So Confused Together

    Confusion about HD components and interconnects has spawned so much misinformation from all sides — including retailers, journalists, manufacturers, and forum-posting electrical engineers — that it’s time to set the Blu-ray discrecord straight. Monster Cable is the current target of somewhat misguided accusations because of this lack of understanding. The issue is: Does a… Read More

  • Monster Cable iFreePlay Headphones For iPod Shuffle: No Cordszomg!1

    Monster Cable, the company that charges insane amounts of money for copper wires, actually came up with a fine idea for its iFreePlay headphones, silly name notwithstanding. The ‘phones are designed for the second generation iPod shuffle and connect directly to the diminutive portable audio player. That means there’s no cords to deal with, something that joggers will no doubt… Read More

  • Jobs Challenges DRM, Gets Help From Monster Cable. No, Really

    A few days ago we brought you word about an essay Apple’s Steve Jobs wrote, calling for an end to the DRMing of music, a practice his company has been forced to participate in by the music industry. Mr. Jobs wants to put an end to copy protection of music files, to create greater interoperability between computers, music stores, and portable devices. In the aftermath of the essay, which… Read More