Consumer Alert! Stay away from the Monster Cable AVL300 Remote

My second Monster Central Control System AVL 300 universal remote just died shortly after one year of use. The first one did the same but sucked it up then and purchased a second one; not anymore. To be honest, the remote seemed nice at first (my original review), but shortly after a month or two of use, it began to show it’s true evil Monster Cable side. The charging system sucks, the remote is fragile and frail, the PC software is pathetic joke, and worst of all now, it won’t do anything.

I just called Monster Cable for advice, but because I was 2 months out of warranty, they simply told me to buy a new one. Sorry, Noel Lee, I did that last time and I won’t do it again. I’m growing up and will purchase a real remote from a company that doesn’t own a NFL stadium and sue the little guys.