Monster Cable does it again, sues Monster Transmission


Come on, really? Monster Cable is like the trust fund douche that drives an Audi, wears Lacrosse, and gets pedicures. He tries so hard to get people to like him, but at the end of day, runs home to his father who happens to be the DA and rats on everyone smoking pot. He just doesn’t get it and neither does Monster Cable who is sueing  Monster Transmission for trademark infringement.

The last time we featured a story about Monster Cable suing the little guy, Noel Lee himself (or a PR flack) left a message defending their tactics. But just because a company has the world Monster in its name, doesn’t mean they need to waste precious money or time dealing with a whack company in court. This is a frivolously lawsuit and hopefully the precedent set by previous court battles will allow this case to be thrown out with little cost from Monster Transmission, a Florida-based automotive builder and supplier. 

Previous statement left here:


I am aware of your concerns regarding the lawsuit that we filed against Monster Mini Golf, a Rhode Island-based company that franchises miniature golf establishments across the U.S. (currently 24 locations). Suffice to say we take this lawsuit very seriously and filed only as a necessary measure to protect our established trademark rights.

Regardless of what false representations have been circulated about Monster, we are not a faceless corporate giant out to squash legitimate business concerns and rising entrepreneurs. We are in fact, a family-owned company that relies heavily on our brand name and reputation in order to continue serving our customers. We have always tried to provide our customers with the highest performance products at an affordable price. While we are best known for our cable products, we also manufacture high performance accessories in business areas ranging in home theater, computing, gaming, portable entertainment and power management. To protect these business areas, we have sought and been awarded trademarks for each respective category. In addition to the areas above, in the past 30 years, we have also expanded the categories including sports and other lifestyle ventures. According to the trademark law, we must enforce our marks or we will lose them and they will become generic.

We were trying our best to avoid the lawsuit, and we are trying our best to settle the lawsuit.

We appreciate your viewpoints and hope you will review the attached documents to fully understand the facts before making judgments against myself or my company.

Noel Lee


So, going off the wording in that message, one can see how Monster Cable sees it within the legal realm to sue Monster Transmission since Monster Cable makes automotive-type parts. You know, speaker cable and such, which is exactly like transmissions.

I haven’t purchased a Monster Cable product ever and constantly pushed alternatives during my tenure at Circuit City. The company is full of themselves and must serve kool-aid out of the water coolers to keep employees. This is insane and infuriating at the same time.

Audoholics via Eng