And now Miles Davis has himself a pair of Monster Cable headphones


Yup, Miles Davis is about as far away from Lady Gaga as you can get. Monster Cable has yet another pair of headphones that are emblazoned with a famous musician’s name. And if you were here two sentences ago, you might have guessed that that artist is Miles Davis. You’re a good guesser!

You’ll find the headphones as part of the Miles Davis Tribute Set, which includes said headphones and a super-de-dooper deluxe copy of the jazz man’s famous album Kind of Blue (Note: I know nothing about jazz, but even I have heard of Kind of Blue). This deluxe version comes with a DVD, linear notes, yada yada yada.

So, basically, we’ve got a pair of Monster Cable headphones with a Miles Davis logo on it, and a spiffy version of his best known album. Price? Oh, you know, $400. (Eh, that may seem expensive, but headphones can get very expensive, very fast if you’re not careful.)

No release date, I’m afraid, but it is available for pre-order from Monster Cable’s Web site.

via iPodNN