Halo 4, Kinect Star Wars, Dance Central 2 (And More) Outed In Xbox Website Slip-Up

A couple of the team are in line at the Galen Center, waiting for admission to Microsoft’s big E3 press conference, but as with last year, the secrets were too big to hold for some. Or, more likely, someone got their east coast/west coast timing messed up (I’m as guilty of this as anyone) and pubbed some updates at 9:30AM Eastern time instead of Pacific. What beans were spilled? Oh, nothing. Just two Halo games and two AAA titles for Kinect.

Yes, while details are limited to what appeared on the front page, the cat’s out of the bag: Halo 4 is being announced, the first non-Bungie entry in the main series. There’s also a “remastered” version of the original Halo for “a new generation.” Isn’t it a little early for that?!

Also semi-announced were Star Wars Kinect, which could be awesome but could just as easily be a pain in the neck, and Dance Central 2, sequel to the game that famously got our own (then) Nicholas Deleon to move his body in a rhythmic fashion.

There were a few more titles, but the videos and data have been taken down (Kotaku nabbed info on Kinect Labs). Don’t worry, it’ll all be up again by lunchtime.

I’m guessing we’ll have more impressions, videos, and maybe a hands-on within a couple hours, so stay tuned.