Occipital Releases One Of The First High Quality 3D Scanners For OS X

While Windows 3D scanning software has until now outperformed any Apple counterpart, Occipital Inc. plans to remedy that today with the launch of Skanect for OS X.

Originally developed by France-based startup ManCTL, Skanect allows users to create 3D scans on Apple computers using low-cost sensors like Microsoft’s Kinect or ASUS Xtion. ManCTL was acquired by Occipital in June 2013.

Skanect boasts a cheap and easy alternative to creating quick, color 3D scans without a high-end graphics card. It uses the application and a camera sensor to create a 3D image, ready to share or print. Occipital director of marketing Adam Rodnitzky said Skanect has about 3,000 unique monthly active users.

In the newest release, Skanect has added the abilities to export texture-mapped models in OBJ and PLY format, adjust the level of detail in exports, VRML export, and improved performance for machines without high-end graphics processing units. While these additions are currently only available for the OS X version, Rodnitzky said they will come to Windows users “soon”.

Occipital raised $7 million in its first round of funding led by Foundry Group in 2011. The company also created RedLaser, which was acquired by eBay, and 360 Panorama.

Skanect has two options available for download: a free version with restrictions on commercial use and exporting, and a purchased version for 99 euro.