• Video: The Energy Dance Floor converts the energy you waste while dancing to wonderful lights

    Fun fact: Richard Nixon didn’t like dancing. Cool, huh? Useless trivia aside, this video is actually tremendous. (So many videos out there are rubbish .) It helps to explain the Energy Dance Floor, which converts the leftover energy associated with dancing, and uses it to light all these lights. Bonus: the video is subtitled in both English and Spanish, so you can learn how to say… Read More

  • Sony goes crazy for foam in Miami

    Somehow this got lost in the shuffle yesterday and I failed to post it. I don’t know what’s going on here, but all I can think about are those foam parties I went to in Rosarito that one spring break way back when. Good times. Read More

  • Miami to have police drones patrol its skies

    Sometimes, bordering on always, I wish I had a drone to do all my [dirty] work. Something to blog for me, read and analyze exit polls from post-Maasticht Eastern Europe, grind to level 70, etc. Now, police officers in Miami will have drones patrol the skies for them provided the FAA gives its blessing. The little robotic drones (see a patriotic video of them in action here) will fight bad guys… Read More